LET’S PLAY: The Witness (PC)

I’ve been wanting this game so bad and finally, I was gifted a copy on Steam recently! The Witness is a very pretty 3D puzzle game that has had me stumped a lot of times. Please, don’t be so hard on me, haha! 🙂

The game has no frills.  No complicated plotlines, no diabolic twists, nothing. You start out on your own, in an island that God only knows where it is, trying to find your way out. Why? Well, honestly, who would want to get stuck in an island all alone? Not me, LOL.


Movement is easy. You can use the combo of mouse and keyboard to move around. It’s basically a click-based puzzle game. You can use a separate gaming controller/pad if you feel like it, though.

The game starts you off with nice and easy puzzles but eventually things will get trickier. Not all puzzles are the same. The mechanics change depending on the area you choose to solve and all throughout the island you find secret rooms and doors that can only be opened using the combination of all the puzzle solutions you’ve acquired.




The game is majestically pretty and hauntingly creepy. One moment you can simply be admiring the beautiful scenery…



And at the next turn, you spot statues of people in random spots.



But trust me, there are no jump scares here. Just that never-ending feeling of loneliness.

I haven’t finished the game yet and I’ve got a couple more areas to clear, but I assume that each of these lights in the sky point towards the end goal – that daunting mountain region over there.


Overall, it’s a gorgeous game, a feast for the eyes, and a welcome challenge for those who love to problem solve. If you do get stumped, like I have so many times, I’ve found a nifty guide HERE to help you out of tricky situations. 🙂 Enjoy!

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