OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Loreal Majirel High Lift In Neutral

O.M.G. What. An OMGluie hair dye review? Honestly, it’s been three years, guys, I can’t believe I stopped dye-ing my hair! Well, I’m back, and this time I’m giving you my thoughts on the Loreal Majirel High Lift in Neutral!

Let’s get goiiiiiinggg! Excitement, yasss!

Loreal Majirel High Lift In Neutral – Price & Availability

Loreal Majirel High Lift Neutral

Before we start with the before and after shots, I wanted to share the price of the hair dye! I purchased my supplies online, from the Shopee store Bloom & Dash.

They have a lot of options in terms of mainstream brands like Wella and L’oreal. The tube I purchased cost me Php 470. I bought 2 bottles of 9% or 30 vol. developer as well at Php 160 each. Outside of shipping, I spent around Php 790. 🙂

Loreal Majireal High Lift In Neutral

When mixed, the photo above shows what the product looks like. It kinda looks like bleach, right? But it’s less grainy, and more smooth. The smell isn’t that crazy on your nose, too. 🙂

Anyway, the main reason I went for this route instead of bleach is because I wanted to see if I could lighten my hair without bleaching it. Which I did, but more on my thoughts about that later. XD

Majirel High Lift In Neutral – Before & After

Loreal Majirel High Lift

I’m trying out a new format in terms of my hair dye reviews, so let me know what you guys think! Anyway, the photos above and below show the darker brown shade of my hair before I applied the Loreal Majirel High Lift mixture.

Full disclosure, I used another color to lighten my hair before this, which was Revlon’s Iridescent Light Blonde. It didn’t really make me blonde though LOL.

Loreal Majirel High Lift

As you can see, the coloring does have a bit of lighter brown shades in parts, and yes, I do have a bit of root regrowth already. So I thought it was also the perfect time to try and see if I could lighten my hair more, without having to use bleach. 🙂

Anyway, check out the after photos below!

Review Loreal Majirel High Lift After

And there you go! This is the color result under the lighting in my room. You can see that my roots are definitely brighter than the lengths of my hair, but it’s clearly shades lighter than my before photos!

I would say this is a very conservative level 6, depending on the lighting!

Review Loreal Majirel High Lift After

I also took photos of my hair under natural sunlight. I plan to do this with every color I apply onto my hair in the future, because fluorescent lighting can be super deceiving, haha!

Loreal Majirel High Lift on Brown Hair

The color kinda shifts under natural sunlight, with it being lighter, of course, when the sun hits it directly. Unfortunately since my natural hair is an Asian Level 1-2, any lightening will always result in brassiness, unless I use the proper toner. HAHA. It sucks.

Thoughts & Impressions

Sooo, what did I think of the L’oreal Majirel High Lift in Neutral? I was quite surprised at the level of lift it gave me, to be quite honest. Though it isn’t as blonde as I wanted, it did give me at least two shades of lightening!

This is something interesting to use on virgin or natural hair, because you already get that very high lift without having to bleach. So it’s great to use when you just want subtle or darker shades of color like reds, violets, or oranges. These are closer to the color wheel of the dye that I used.

I just wanted to let you know, also, that hair color does not “lift” already treated hair. It only deposits more pigment into your hair. This explains why my lengths are darker than my roots or top of my head. If you want a clean base, you’d need to bleach the pigment out or use a color stripper. HAHA.

Anyway, what did you guys think? I’m by no means a professional hair stylist, but yeah, hit me up if you have any questions about this particular dye. Until then, stay safe! <3

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