Mad World, Hell made Madness Makes Its Grand Descent Upon the Global MMORPG Market

Plot and Gameplay Full of Madness Now Ready to Be Unlocked on PC

SEOUL, South Korea, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global gamers will at last find their expectations answered as JANDISOFT”s web-based MMORPG title ‘Mad World’ has been released on April 27th.

‘Mad World’ is characterized by 2D artworks with striking pen touches, monsters with bizarre designs, plots in which narrative mapping will lead to destinations not anticipated, and weapons and skills not restricted by orthodox class system.

The global CBT of this long-awaited game found ten thousand testers with more than 70% return rate, to ultimately receive positive reviews from at least 90% of the gamers.

Gamers will find Korean, North American, and European servers available for choice.

This month’s global launching is primarily reserved for PC and Steam, to reciprocate gamers’ request for service on mobile and more diverse platforms in the future.

Jandisoft is currently running several community events in celebration of the official launch, with more details and information available on its official community pages, including its official homepage and Discord.


JANDISOFT, Inc. strives to provide gamers with lasting gaming experience through lore balanced between despair and hope and challenging combats involving highly original monsters and dungeon raids. Learn more about JANDISOFT and ‘Mad World’ at the official communities listed below: