Mgames Chatbot Launched By Rakuten Viber And Mineski Global

Isn’t it cool that you can now play hypercasual games on your Viber mobile app? Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global recently launched their new mgames chatbot, which gives players access to over 70 hypercasual games on the messaging app for free!

There’s a lot of things to check out with the mgames chatbot, so read on to find out more! 🙂

What Is Mgames Chatbot?

rakuten viber mineski global mgames chatbot

Mgames is a casual gaming platform which offers a large library of hypercasual games that are easy to learn and play. Created by Mineski Global, and in partnership with Rakuten Global, the gaming platform will be integrated in the Viber messaging mobile app starting June 2022.

“The social aspect of gaming is often overlooked, but we believe that it creates one of the strongest reward loops that incentivize consumer behavior. For instance, mgames on Viber has private lobbies so users can host friendly competitions with their family and friends. This and other features are novelties that will make your messaging app experience more dynamic,” says Ronald Robins, Mineski’s Chief Executive Officer.

How To Play Or Access

mgames chatbot whack-a-mole

Anybody who has the Viber messaging app on their mobile devices can simply use the mgames chatbot by searching for it on the application. Once they get access to the chatbot, they can choose a game from over 70 hypercasual titles to boot up within the Viber app.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Mineski Global in integrating mobile games into our platform for different segments of users,” says David Tse, Senior Director at Rakuten Viber. “We are not just launching games in Viber, we are building a community of hypercasual gamers, giving our users another way of interaction and communication through the fun of games.”

Rakuten Viber Mineski Global mgames chatbot launch philippines

I was actually able to give the mgames chatbot a try during their recent launch, and the integration into the Viber app is pretty seamless and smooth. However, you need to make sure you’ve got a strong signal on your mobile device to make sure you don’t have any lag, HAHAHA!

Now that people are going back to work in an office set-up, the mgames chatbot might be a great way to pass the time while in transit, or you know, to play casual games with friends who are not that into into hardcore video games. XD

You can learn more about the app from the official Viber website or the official Mineski Global website! 🙂

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