Monster Hunter Generations and the Month I Lost To It

It’s been exactly a month since I bought my copy of critically-acclaimed Monster Hunter Generations and it’s been a month since I’ve gone off the radar from most of real life (and this blogging thing, whatever) just to hunt and kill monsters. And I do not regret one second of it.

I’m not gonna lie. This is a rave blog post. I’ve recently glued MHGen onto my hands. I’m on my 3DS non-stop, the moment I get home from work, even foregoing going out on weekends, just to get back the extra hunting hours I’ve missed when I’m in the office all day.

… I also recently got the MHGen Limited Edition version of the New 3DS XL. HAHA. TALK ABOUT OBSESSED.


If you want me to do a comparison between MH4U and MHGen, let me give you a quick and easy summary. MHGen added some in-game features that MH4U did not have (of course, to draw the crowd in further as MonHun trash that we are, LOL) but there are some things about MH4U that I still sorely miss.

MHGen completely skipped the plot that MH4U originally had. In this iteration, you don’t get a storyline to complete. You just jump right into the action. Which is good for those who like that and bad for those who prefer a little story to pump themselves up.

You DO still need to complete Village Quests to move up in terms of star-ranking (or difficulty) for quests, unlocking ingredients and equipment, and these also crossover to the Hunter’s Hub (MHGen’s version of the Guild Quests). But instead of moving from village to village as a sign of your progress, the four villages that you’re presented with kind of just dumps you with more and more and MORE quests.

The game is easier to understand but having some semblance of a plot would have been nice.


Or I’m just bitter I haven’t seen Ace Commander yet. You decide. :)) Oops I just got to the part where I finally saw mai husbando, so all’s right in the Monster Hunter world right now. :))


They’ve also changed the way you upgrade/forge your equipment and armor. This time, there’s an added factor of including materials from the main monster you kill to get mats from in order for you to level up your gear. It makes the farming process longer and a bit more annoying, but there’s always that sense of accomplishment once you’ve gathered enough gems, shells, or stones, LOL.

Basically, MHGen streamlined the best things about MH4U into one fast-paced, action-packed, wrist-breaking MonHun game. Save for the plot.

But I guess the clincher for me is the addition of Prowler Mode. Farming has become an easier process with your brave Palicoes. It’s genius, I tell you. A chance to play as a Palico? I’m totally on that shit. HAHA.

Prowler Mode is probably one of the best things that the MonHun team has ever brought to life. Movement is quick, dodging is faster and more efficient, and farming, oh gods, the farming. You get unlimited mega pickaxes and bug nets. Like, really, how much more could you ask for?!

All in all, I don’t see myself letting go of MHGen for the rest of the year. Now that they’ve started rolling out the DLCs, it’s only gonna get the ball rolling and I can’t wait what other brand collaborations they come up with. UGH.

Guys, Monster Hunter is getting better and better and I am, by no means, the best hunter out there, but I am more than thoroughly enjoying the hours of grinding and hunting. It’s the best feeling ever.

P.S. If anyone’s asking or curious, I’m currently HR40 (we did the HR break over the weekend, YEHESSS), with an Astalos Armor Set and Demolition Dual Blades.

I am gunning for a High Rank Gore Magala Set, working on upgrading my Demolition Dual Blades to the next level, and also, sporting a thumb muscle sprain, HAHAHAHA.

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