Monster Hunter Generations: Astalos & Nargacuga Battle Vids

Last week, Gamespot released some new battle videos from Monster Hunter Generations and they are getting me really fired up! Let’s take a look-see!

The two monsters featured in these videos are the Astalos and the Nargacuga.

The Astalos is one of the four new big monsters that you’ll get to tackle in Monster Hunter Generations and the Nargacuga, a monster that wasn’t part of MH4:U, makes a comeback in this game. FINALLY, I can get my hands down and dirty with this monster. (Nope, not scared, totally not scared, LOL)

Astalos Battle:

The Astalos is a strange little (???) bugger. It spews out balls of lightning instead of fire. It also seems to be running currents around certain parts of it body. Makes me wonder if it has the same aspect of dealing lightning damage in its immediate vicinity like the Teostra with fire damage. Huh. Or maybe it’ll just hurt if you get hit by those lightning-infused body parts. HAHAHA.

This guy is really intimidating, freakin’s scary, dudes! (DID YOU SEE THAT SCARY STOMP IT DID?!)

Nargacuga Battle:

Now this baby, I’m (literally) dying to see. It’s kinda scary because it’s a bat-monster. Like a bat that evolved the wrong way and got drunk on a truckload of steriods and radioactive material, HAHAHA.

What I noticed is the main Hunter seems to be using the Aerial style, and it looks really interesting! Gahd, I can’t wait for this game to get released. HEHE.

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