Monster Hunter Generations Hits NA/EU July 15

And there we have it folks, we finally have a release date for the highly-anticipated Monster Hunter Generations. But that’s not all we’re getting. Read on to find out what else they’ve got in store for us this July 15!

Besides the release of the actual game, Nintendo is also releasing two limited edition Monster Hunter Generations New 3DS XLs. Yes, you heard that right. TWO. And they come in the most Hunter-y colors ever. Blue and Red. UGH.



The blue one will be available for America while the red one will be available for Europe. Ugh. I really like that red one. My 3DS XL is red, haha! Anyway, the game will probably retail around $39.99 but there’s no news yet on the SRP for the limited edition New 3DS XLs. Buu again.

Agh. I haven’t even finished Bravely Second yet and we have this news. Ohwell! I have two or so more months to complete that game before it’s hunting time! Yay!

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