Monster Hunter Generations: Taking Apart the Demo

So guys, the Monster Hunter: Generations demo for the Nintendo 3DS was launched last June 30 (I only got it on July 1, though) and I completed all available quests over the weekend. Here’s a first look and a little teaser!

This demo, quite like the MH4:U one, is pretty straightforward. It opens with the MonHunGen trailer featuring the four new big monsters you’ll be facing.


… I have actually dubbed Mizutsune as the official Soap Dragon, lookit’ all them suds! LOL. Ehem, anyway, you’re pretty much led to choosing between the three main quests, haha! As mentioned during their E3 announcements that I wrote about previously, we can undertake three main quests – Hunt a Great Maccao, Hunt a Malfestio, and Hunt a Nargacuga.





As you can see, the order of these quests depict their difficulty level so I suggest starting with the Maccao to sharpen up rusty old hunting skills and making your way up all the way to the Nargacuga. Or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can go right ahead and gun down the Nargacuga, LOL.

After you’ve chosen your quest (a.k.a. the monster that you wish to share in a slow and painful death with, HAHA), you get to choose your weapon! YESSSSSSS. This is what I’ve been waiting foooooor!


Naturally (and since I don’t really know how to use any other weapon), I chose the Dual Blades. … It kinda actually took me a while to realize it’s a female hunter in a very awkward, back-breaking pose, but hey, I won’t judge! :))


Now you can also choose to go Prowler mode, which basically lets you take control of a Palico. Yes, you read that right, a fluffy, furry, cutie-patootie kitty with the most badass-looking club (AND IT COMES WITH A BELL!!).


To be honest, I haven’t gone against any of the three monsters while in Prowler mode. I did do the tutorial, though, and it was like the cutest thing ever. I couldn’t help but keep squealing every time the Palico meow-ed or made some fancy-shmancy move. Ugh. The cuteness. Cannot get over.

Anyway, I do plan to play on Prowler mode once the full game comes out. BUT back to the actual HUNTING. HAHA. Sorry cats make me distracted a little bit. SO. Where were we? Okay, after choosing your weapon, you choose… YOUR HUNTING STYLE!!!


Now the four Hunting Styles were covered in my previous post but this time we get in on the action FOR REALZZ. LOL. I personally prefer the Guild Style but I’ve been experimenting with the Striker Style. I haven’t had the chance to try out the Aerial Style and Adept Style coz I heard these two were pretty challenging. Hehe. :))

Once you’ve chosen your Hunting Style, it’s time to hunt! For this post, I made a quick match out of the Malfestio. Which is, like, kind of the creepiest owl I have ever encountered in my life. Also I have no idea what kind of armor & weapon set you’re equipped with in the demo, but all I know that it’s probably shite. :))





And that’s that! Thank you for reading my short post on the Monster Hunter Generations demo!


Just kidding! HAHAHA. No, this is the part where I get to air out my excitement/concerns/experiences/thoughts on the demo. I thought I’d save it for last.

So what did I think about the demo? It’s really just a stupid cliffhanger. D< I’m unhappy because I have to wait a few more weeks until I get the game. /insertgrumpyfacehere. No, really, I’m just pissed off that you’re only allowed to tackle three monsters and you can’t carve/gather anything. LOL. There’s a nostalgic sense to it and you remember the good ol’ days in MH4:U, completing gear sets, running away from the Chaos Magala or Raging Brachydios. /sigh

But in all seriousness, it’s a smart move by Capcom. Because the demo features all 14 weapons, all 4 Hunting Styles, and a variety of Hunter Arts (special techniques), so there is still a LOT you can do in terms of testing out a play style that best suits you. It’s now a very personalized experience! So you actually feel it’s Y-O-U as the Hunter. 🙂 And I’m sure that’s gonna get a lot of us extremely hooked.

It’s short and sweet and I cannot wait until I can finally lay my hands on the full game. What about you? Have you downloaded the demo? What did you think of it? Are you as excited as I am? What Hunting Style are you going for? What weapon do you prefer? Isn’t Prowler Mode just the cutest?! LET’S DISCUSS AND COMMUNICATE, FELLOW HUNTERS!!!!

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