UNBOXING: Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition (Switch)

UNBOXING: Monster Hunter Rise Collector's Edition (Switch)

It’s been more than a week since the launch of Monster Hunter Rise, and I’ve just been basking in the glory of the game! I said that I’d be doing an unboxing of the Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition, so here we are! Honestly, this is more like a Monster Hunter Rise haul, though, hahaha!

MHRise Collector’s Edition – Box Details

MHRise Collector's Edition – Box Details

As you can see, there wasn’t a lot of detail in the box of the Collector’s Edition. This was really kind of a let down, LOL.

The front had a plastic window that you can peek through and see the Magnamalo Amiibo. The top and sides had a bit of the key visuals from the game, but nothing fancy that would make you want to keep or display the box.

Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition – Inclusions

Monster Hunter Rise Collector's Edition – Inclusions

The Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition only had four items included in the box, excluding the digital deluxe and pre-order bonuses. You get the Magnamalo Amiibo, a golden enamel pin, a set of stickers, and the game’s CD case.

Not having the steelbook case for this game was very disappointing as well. Considering I had the steelbooks for both MHW and Iceborne, I was kind of sad I didn’t get the one for MH Rise. 🙁

Magnamalo Amiibo

Magnamalo Amiibo

I think one of the biggest draws in getting the MH Rise CE is the Magnamalo Amiibo that comes with the package. When you use it in-game it gives you a special layered armor set, and you can also use it for the daily item lottery which will give you supplies to help with your hunts.

I didn’t take it out of the package just yet for these photos, but the colors of the figure really come through even when taking photos through the thick plastic. It feels really sturdy and the details are made pretty well. If you bought the CE for the Amiibo, I reassure you that it doesn’t disappoint.

Kamura Mark Enamel Pin & MH Rise Sticker Pack

Kamura Mark Enamel Pin

As an enamel pin collector, this was a really nice addition to my collection. The pin is fashioned after the main logo of Kamura Village, your hub in Monster Hunter Rise. Overall, the pin looks really well-made and it is very pretty!

MH Rise Sticker Pack

The Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition also comes with a ten-piece sticker pack, with all of the artwork based on the monsters, Palamute/Palico, or endemic life icons used in the game. 9 of the pieces are based off of creatures found in the game such as the Magnamalo, Rathalos, Aknosom, etc, while you also get a sticker of the MH Rise logo.

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo – Palico & Palamute

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo - Palico & Palamute

Aside from the CE, I was also able to pre-order the two separate Amiibos for Monster Hunter Rise. They are so, so, so, so cuuuuuuute. UGH. I’m really glad that they included dogs in MH Rise because I LOVE THEM. HAHAHA.

Palamute Amiibo

Palamute Amiibo

The Palamute Amiibo is incredibly cute, with its little face and Kamura Village armor. When you use the Amiibo in-game, you also receive a special layered armor set for your Palamute!

Palico Amiibo

Palico Amiibo

I think this is the first time that Nintendo ever produced an Amiibo based off of your trusty feline hunting companion! The Palico Amiibo’s pose is much more dynamic than the Palamute, and you can also redeem a special layered armor set for your Palico when you scan it in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Pouch – Palamute

MH Rise Nintendo Switch Pouch - Palamute

When I went to pick up my CE and Amiibos from the local store, I asked if they already had the Nintendo Switch Hori pouches in stock. AND I WAS SUPER LUCKY THAT THEY WERE!

I think this is my favorite purchase out of the entire haul! I just really, really love this pouch! Can you feel my excitement???!!! IT IS FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!

MH Rise Nintendo Switch Pouch - Palamute

The pouch is made out of light blue fur (YIKES! I’m scared of how dirty it’ll get in the future, HUHU!) and the back has an embroidered logo and the words “Otomo Garuku,” which is basically the Japanese term for Palamute.

MH Rise Nintendo Switch Pouch - Palamute

You can actually fit a regular Nintendo Switch inside with a game case, but it’ll be a tight fit. The Switch Lite won’t have a problem fitting into the pouch, and you’ll get a lot of extra space to add in a multiple cartridge case! 🙂

So that’s my Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition, Amiibo, and Pouch unboxing! I got all of these from Databliz Philippines, with the following prices:

  • Collector’s Edition – Php 5,395
  • Amiibo – Php 995 each
  • Pouch – Php 995

UNBOXING: Monster Hunter Rise Collector's Edition (Switch)

For the price, I think I would have thought it more “worth it” if the CE included the steelbook case. For newcomers to the series, I think just getting the game and the Amiibos would be enough. However, for old-time MH fans, the CE is a nice addition to the collection! 🙂

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