Monster Hunter: World Rathalos PS4 Pro Edition Coming Jan 2018

I said I was gonna take a break from social media, guys. But Monster Hunter: World (and PlayStation®) just forced me out of my self-imposed hiatus to bring you, my fellow Monster Hunter fans, news about the PlayStation®4 Pro – Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Edition! Check out the deets! <3

Ya’ll know I just got my PS4™ Pro this 2017. And now we’ve got this gorgeous console ready to make my proudest purchase of the year defunct. Like, guys, I cannot anymore. If my parents knew how much I’ve been spending on gaming (instead of saving!!!), they’d KILL me. HAHAHAHA.

But, as my good friends from the game/geek media have religiously showered on me the wise words – #BuyNowWorryLater, it seems this edition is gonna be making its way home, right into my humble gaming hub. LOLOLOL.

This PS4™ Pro console comes with the design of a silhouette of an angered Rathalos—a popular monster from the MONSTER HUNTER series—firing flares from its mouth. It is a luxurious high sense design with a drawing of the fearless Rathalos on the gloss finished surface cover of the console, along with the gold print logo and icon as well as placing an emphasis on the angered glare from the wyvern. Furthermore, the bundled DUALSHOCK ® 4 wireless controller will also be a special model with the design of the wyvern’s wing in the color of the flame. Last but not least, the Blu-ray Disc ™ version of the PS4™ software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” (to be released on 26th January, 2018/Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD.) will be also included for the players to fully enjoy the world of MONSTER HUNTER.

Now, this model WILL be bundled with a copy of the game (HELL YEAH!) and 1TB of memory! Right now, prices are at Php 26,480, just a few thousand pesos from a regular PS4™ Pro.

It will be available in limited quantities by the END OF JAN 2018 so make sure to be friends with the sales people of your favorite gaming retail stores because I.WILL.FIGHT.YOU. for one of these. 😛

Peace out! ALSO. Is someone willing to purchase my PS4™ Pro? HEHEHEHE.

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