My First Foray into the Storm (of HotS, that is)

Recently, I’ve been trying to branch out with the types of games that I play. Most of the time I stick to titles that require only one player because I don’t do so well with multiplayer games. I’m too competitive and I kind of abhor losing. D: That’s probably the main reason I’ve never gotten hooked on DoTA, LoL, HoN, or any other MOBA game, unlike some of my fellow female gamers.

But everyone can always try new things, right? That’s the beauty and joy of gaming. It’s all up to you whether you like a certain genre or not, and nobody should be telling you what to like or not like. Let no one tell you otherwise. 🙂

Screenshot2015-10-03 20_13_59

So, anyway, I decided to give Heroes of the Storm, or simply, HotS, a try and here are some of the things I picked up from my first few weeks as a total noob.

1. Dying is normal

Quite like Monster Hunter, dying is pretty much the norm with these types of games. Especially when you’re playing against other humans. But please, don’t let that discourage you! I’m the type of player who really DOES mind when I die but that’s because all my JRPG training has taught me that a character dying in my party = BAD.

Screenshot2015-10-05 22_27_05

In HotS, though, it’s just a simple mistake or an unfortunate situation that allows things like that to happen. Other players CAN get the better of you.

Wise words from my boyfriend, “You have to learn to pick your fights.

Which is true. I don’t necessarily follow it most of the time because, you know, “RAH RAH I WANNA KILL PEOPLE” gets to my head every single time I play. However, there is truth to those words. Learn how to discern when you’re in a sticky situation, when to take a fortunate opening, or when to back away & retreat.

Screenshot2015-10-05 22_44_04

Dying is not all that bad. Again, you learn things, then you pick up your weapon and try again. 🙂

2. It’s not all about killing each other anymore

My 2nd most favorite thing about HotS is how it’s not like DoTA2 or any other MOBA game at all! Gone are the days that it’s all just about killing players from the opposing team. Now, you’ve got different situations to solve for your team to garner an advantage in the field.

Screenshot2015-10-05 21_57_27

One of my favorite fields, you kill overgrown weeds to gather seeds to summon your own giant Garden Terror. It’s fascinating. :))

Screenshot2015-10-05 20_04_49

This is definitely my most favorite stage. You back up your “Immortal” in what seems to be the battle between two gods!

Of course, I know that most players are in it for the competition. But at least HotS provides variety in environment and situation to aid you when you’re hell-bent on massacre-ing the opposing team, haha!

Plus, there’s no more of that ugly, annoying, trash talking. At least on the server we play on. Thank God for international servers, really! Majority of the trash talking happens within our own party, which is funny most of time, LOL.

3. Friends are life… or death

My number 1 most favorite thing about HotS, is, obviously, that I get to play with my friends online, most of which are my friends offline as well.

Screenshot2015-10-05 22_18_18

I’m lucky enough to get a full party most of the time.

Screenshot2015-10-05 20_09_39

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But nobody really gets pissed off, so it’s all good.

Screenshot2015-10-05 20_03_35

Oh, but when we win… Such sweet victory! 🙂

… There are pros and cons though. HAHAHAHA! Playing with friends can mean victory or defeat! But at least, no matter whether you’re winning or losing, you’re with people you enjoy playing the game with.

I think that’s what matters the most. And that’s what’s keeping me playing Hots. … Although I am really, really, really terrible at it. LOL.

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