Natsume Announces Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Natsume has recently announced their third new Harvest Moon game following their separation from the Bokujo Monogatari series. Here’s Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

The game has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS but we don’t have any news regarding the release date.

The main story revolves around the land of the Oasis of the Harvest Goddess. Many people used to inhabit Skytree Village, which used to be a lush and green land. But over time, the land became dry and desolate. So it is up to the player to revive the 7 Skytrees to bring it back to its previous luscious state.


The customization of farm land (raising and lowering ground levels) is still present in the game and there is a new animal that will be introduced, the Poitou donkey. Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will be up for demo-playing for lucky goers of the upcoming E3 2016 which will happen this June 14-16.

So, opinion time. LOL. Ever since Natsume has taken over creative control for the Harvest Moon series, I haven’t been too pleased with the results. The art is pretty much lacking and the game has become a weird Minecraft hybrid.

I’m sorry I haven’t tried any of the latest Harvest Moon games. Maybe they’ve improved the art a bit but if not, well I guess I’m staying true and loyal to the Bokujo Monogatari series (otherwise known as the Story of Seasons series).

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  1. Ugh, this kind of sounds complicated…in an unusual-HM sense – like Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. =)) Can’t wait to see it on E3 2016 though, hopefully it won’t be as disappointing.

    • I haven’t touched any of the Harvest Moon games ever since they changed game publishers. It’s still hard to not call “Story of Seasons”, Harvest Moon though because I feel it’s the real Harvest Moon. HAHA.

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