Nendoroid 330: Sheryl Nome

I like to buy Nendos and keep them in their boxes. But for the sake of every geek (and Sheryl Nome) fan out there, I’ve decided to take my Nendo Sheryl out of her box so she can charm the hell out of you. :))

Nendoroid 330: Sheryl Nome is my first Nendo. I’m a huge fan of the character so when I found out that Good Smile Company was coming out with this, well, I guess I just had to get it, right?

A more in-depth view of the figure can actually be found HERE (Kahotan’s Blog). I’m no good when it comes to seriously reviewing things but I wanted to take Nendo Sheryl out for a spin just to share with you guys how awesome I think this figure is. 🙂

I bought her almost 2-3 years ago? I don’t remember. But I do remember getting her near my birthday (September) so it was like a God-ordained event for me to acquire this precious little toy. Mwehehehe.

I admit I didn’t expect Nendoroids to be so detailed and of good quality when I first got Sheryl but was I surprised. I guess there’s a reason these things are priced this way!


Nendo Sheryl comes dressed in her Lion oufit. This is the 2nd opening song of the anime series.

… Her curves are still deeply accentuated even if she’s in SD Form. Clearly, the hopes and dreams of the galaxy can be seen through her outfit. :)) (That’s a Frontier reference, btw.)

What I’ve noticed about Nendos is that they seem to always come with three different faces.



I’m in love with her fierce blue eyes! And those delicate pink eyebrows, hngh!

But what I love the most about this Nendoroid (and what initially drew me to Sheryl Nome when I first saw her) is her gorgeous blonde-pink locks!

I think they’ve successfully captured this in her Nendo form! It’s really gorgeous and better looking in person, imho!


Sheryl also has her iconic golden wireless microphone and a special N.U.N.S. emblazoned platform just for her!



You can actually pair this up with Nendo Ranka Lee to recreate the Lion opening theme but I don’t think I’ll be getting that figure anytime soon, LOL.

Anyhoo, that’s it for now! I’ve got four (FOUR!!!!) more Nendos to take photos of and I need to toodle-loo, see you guys next time! 🙂

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