Nendoroid 511: Mikazuki Munechika

There’s a popular PC-browser game that’s been circling the net this 2015 that involves collecting historical Japanese swords that have bishounen (pretty boy) personifications. The game, Touken Ranbu, gives you the role of a sage who has the ability to breathe life into swords that you have forged/collected in order to create an army and fend off evil forces.

I haven’t touched the browser game, I’m scared I might get obsessed, however, I am a big fan of the artwork and the character designs. So when GSC (Good Smile Company) came out with a Nendoroid for the famous Mikazuki Munechika, I had to have him!

I can’t say I’m gifted with photography or that I have enough creative juices to properly plot out a figure photo shoot, however, I completely enjoyed taking shots of this Nendo. Munechika is my #1 fave from Touken Ranbu (he’s kind of also the hardest to collect which makes him more appealing to me).


Munechika’s standard face is very gentle, exactly like what he looks like in-game. 🙂 Part of me just wants to squeeze his cute little cheeks, gahd.


The Nendo doesn’t have any costume changes, however, his sword can be removed. There’s an option on whether or not you want it sheathed. The sword’s scabbard also depicts the moon’s phases during the months of a year. 🙂


This is what his back looks like. His headband goes around all the way and is visible on the left part of his head. I like the attention to detail that they’ve put into the outfit, even the back is extremely detailed.


Munechika’s 2nd face is very cute! He also has a pose option of holding a Japanese tea cup which is a perfect match for his cutesy face.


One of my more favorite extra parts is the “uchiko” which is traditionally used to maintain Japanese swords. Technically, since Munechika IS a sword, I think it’s adorable to have him with an uchiko, haha!

… I would love to maintain him, if you know what I mean. LOLJK.


Munechika’s 3rd face is very fierce! This is when you know he’s ready to go into battle! It’s nice to pair this face with a battle stance, his sword unsheathed!



I like how his face is very concentrated and his eyebrows are drawn in slightly tilted to indicate his focus. It’s a far cry from the relaxed look he gives with his standard face.

Some of the details of this Nendo are fetching, indeed:




I’m especially fond of the clan symbol that propagates this Nendoroid set. You can find it on the sleeves and the chest area of the Nendo’s robes as well as on the base of the stand that’s included.


The nendo’s headband is adorable, too. I’m in love with the braid and the golden tassels. 🙂


Even the hilt of the sword is extremely detailed and quite a delight. These are very small parts, though, so they have to be held carefully and pulled apart delicately.

I was also pretty lucky that my boyfriend bought me the exclusive Mikazuki Munechika Nendoroid Sleeping Pouch. Now I can bring him EVERYWHERE! Hehe!

Well, there you have it! I have a couple more of Nendos that I’ll be taking photos of and sharing here. I’m just really fond of the Nendoroid series, haha! I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them and posting them up.

Nendos are a joy to have. They’re small, portable, and extremely cute! I would love to hear about your favorite Nendo figures, there are already so many out there! 🙂

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