Cabal M Nevareth League 2021 Has A Php 2M Prize Pool!

With Cabal Mobile already available in the Philippines, and reaching milestone after milestone, it’s not surprising that the title will be hosting an esports tournament of its own! The Cabal M Nevareth League 2021 is happening soon, and there’s gonna be a prize pool of up to Php 2,000,000! O.O

Cabal M Nevareth League 2021 Starts October!

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The Nevareth League 2021 aims to be the biggest tournament in the MMORPG scene, especially since the prize pool will be at USD 40,000 or Php 2M. What’s more, the Grand Champion of the tourney will received Php 1M in cash, besides in-game prizes. O.O That is a looooot of money, so I’m sure many Cabal M fans will be hyped up to join the competition!

The series will start in October 2021, and will continue until February 2022. Guild registrations actually started in October 1 2021, and there will be three tournaments, with four finalists who will battle it out to be Grand Champion!

Guilds who choose to join will have to show off their skills and teamwork in three tournament phases such as the following:

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  1. Guild Rank Infinity Tournament (G.R.i.T.) – In this phase, guilds will have to fight in different formats such as 1v1, Three-Man Tag Team, and 5v5.
  2. Nevareth District Wars – To highlight the Cabal M community, four guilds will compete to represent their server. When a winner emerges, one (1) PH guild and one (1) Vietnam guild will be titled District Winners.
  3. Guild Mission Festival – Finally, this phase is considered the wild card of Nevareth League 2021. All guilds will be able to join, and Guild Missions will grant rewards that will accumulate in Guild Mission leaderboards. Those who have the most points will be allowed to advance in the tournament.

Once all winners emerge per tournament, they will have to fight in the Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals to determine the victor per server. The top three will then have to compete for the title of Nevareth League 2021 Champion and the prize of Php 1M!

Tournament Mechanics & Qualifications

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Guilds who are interested to join must have 5-8 members, must be at least rank 4, and all members in the guild need to be at least level 170. Classes are not allowed to be doubled, meaning there should only be one participant per class, just to add diversity into the tournament!

Is this something you’re interested in? Haha! Like I said, I’m thinking about getting into this mobile MMO but I don’t think I’d want to be competitive, LOL. Anyway, for full tournament rules and regulations, check out the Nevareth League 2021 site!

Until then, see you later! <3

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