New Ragnarok Game to Hit the PH

Last November, it was announced that Gravity Co. Ltd., the game company behind Ragnarok Online, is bringing to the PH a new browser-based Ragnarok game – Ragnarok Journey! Check below to find out more! 🙂

For the curious, Ragnarok Journey is completely different from RO, okay? Mainly because it’s browser-based and not like the RO you’re used to. Yes, it is still an MMORPG that allows you to battle against monsters, gain new abilities, and complete quests but now you don’t need to download or install a client! Convenient, huh??

Kitamura Yoshinori, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Co. Ltd. was actually at the launch event where fans (and cosplayers!) could find out more about Ragnarok Journey! 🙂

“We are excited to bring you ROJ within the end of the year, this game brings you back to the nostalgic memories of the original Ragnarok on a web browser. Followed by Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Journey is the first title to be serviced by Gravity Group,” Kitamura said.

Liliana Bae, Business Division / Global Business Group Supervisor for Gravity Co.,who helped launch Ragnarok in 2003, was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Filipino gamers still remembered and played Ragnarok Online (RO). Bae has talked with RO players from different walks of life and they all remember the game with fondness and great memories. “Ragnarok Journey will allow them to continue adventuring in the fantastical world of Midgard, fight familiar mobs and monsters, meet new and old friends easily.”

Bae added that Journey complements new and current gaming lifestyles. “Ragnarok Journey is not there to compete with other existing online games. We want to provide a wider choice of games for our players to enjoy. We’re providing our players assistance so they can rest without interrupting the game,” Bae added.

I think my only major complaint about the launch event was that we weren’t able to test the game out, huhu. So I guess we just need to wait for the actual launch, right?

Well, OBT is happening soon so, get your hearts (and laptops/PCs!) ready! 🙂

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