NexCon 3 Event Recap: April 3, 2016

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I had a blast with mine, haha! Last Sunday, I donned a costume that I haven’t worn in two years or so, LOL. Here’s just a short recap of my NexCon 3 adventure!

I haven’t cosplayed in a year or so and the last con I attended in costume was NexCon 2 in 2015, haha! So it really has been a year. I cosplayed as Jean Grey in her “Phoenix” costume from the X-Men. LOL, don’t judge, I’m a fan. :))


Anyway, after a couple of hours in metallic spandex, I dressed down and appreciated the booths and activities that you can find inside NexCon. Here’s some of the the stuff that caught my eye!

As soon as you enter the convention hall, you’re greeted by a huge Neutral Grounds booth on your left. They’re actually promoting a game called Force of Will right now. Behind the giant booth is a place where you can try out the different games that Neutral Grounds has to offer.



To the right of the entrance is the NexCon Take Cover Finalist wall. Here you can vote for your favorite photo entry for the contest.


Right in front of you you’ll find a Tardis booth, LOL.


And behind that you’ll see the Force Studios booth.




Besides the Force Studios booth, there a mini Gunpla building area that you can join and win prizes in, haha!




A little ways to the northeast is the food area where, of course, I hung out for a while. Didn’t eat that day because, well, bodysuit, haha! Then, to the west of the stage area, you can find the NexCon artist alley…




The 501st Legion booth!!!!


And the NexCon photo box (which was pretty cool!)


One thing I really liked about this NexCon was the locker area. I think it’s genius! You can just drop your stuff off and pay a fee (Php 75 for 2 hours, Php 150 for unlimited hours) so you don’t have to worry about lugging things around!


Of course, you can go shopping because there ARE a few merchandise booths…



And you can participate in a Just Dance activity, haha!


One of the things I looked forward to during the event was the Encantadia Talk by Director Mark Reyes and Lead Artist Noel Flores. They announced a couple of exciting things including a small premise of the story, character designs, and story settings.



Right after, though, the program proceeded to the Lip Sync Combat! To show the people how it’s done, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman took to the stage with Batman singing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Williams, LOL.


I actually took some videos, you can find them below, haha!

Besides cosplaying that day though, the highlight of the event for me was when I won a prize from the Droid Hunt raffle, which was hosted by the 501st Legion, the official costumer guild for Star Wars in the Philippines. I won Funko Pop!s of Captain Phasma and a First Order Storm Trooper, yay! So happy!


Anyway, that was NexCon 3 for me. I’ll post another entry with some of my cosplay pics but that’ll have to wait, haha! I actually posted some of my cosplay photos HERE, check it out! Anyway, see you guys soon!

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