Nightingale Early Access Lets You Live Out Your Mary Poppins Dreams

I have been following the game Nightingale since it was first announced a while back, and I’m glad to share that the crafting survival title is now on Early Access!

Let’s check out what’s so special about this video game, and which of its features I am most excited about! 🙂

What is Nightingale?

nightingale video game key visual

Developed by Inflexion Games, Nightingale is a PVE crafting-survival title that’s set in the mysterious Faewilds. Both the atmosphere and theme are very Victorian steam punk-inspired. And you can clearly see that in the character, weapon, and monster designs choices.

In Nightingale, players can customize their avatars and explore the land to gather materials for crafting of weapons and armor, and even building or designing their own headquarters.

It seems that the game is offering a lot for its players to do, whether its adventuring through dungeons solo or with up to five friends, fighting tough monsters and bosses, and many more.

What to Expect from the Game

There are a lot of things to expect from Nightingale, but I want to point out specific features that really caught my eye in their recently launched overview trailer.

These are some of the game’s elements that I’m most looking forward to, and I am really curious about them, too! XD

Unique Traversal Method

nightingale umbrella mary poppins

One of the things that caught my eye is the unique way characters can transport themselves across the Faewilds. Interestingly, players use umbrellas to float and glide across the sky much like the fantastical nanny Mary Poppins.

In the trailer, this is seen as a unique transportation method, whether it is simply getting from Point A to Point B or quickly taking yourself out of a dangerous situation.

Realm Cards

nightingale realm cards

Another unique aspect about the title is how players are given some flexibility in the places they can explore through Realm Cards. Whether discovered or crafted, Realm Cards can be used to open portals to new worlds, which can mean access to a different variety of resources, monsters, and goods sold by merchants.

If Nightingale plays their cards right (LOL) in offering a lot of options with Realm Cards, the roguelike aspect of the feature can make the replayability of the game seemingly endless!

Six-Person Multiplayer

nightingale multiplayer mode

Given that this is a crafting-survival game, it is to be expected that there would be a multiplayer aspect. This time, players can team up to create six-person teams for exploration, dungeon-crawling, and monster hunting.

Multiplayer always allows a lot of variety when it comes to gameplay experiences, and I cannot wait to see what kind of nonsense my normal group of friends will come up with once we start playing this game. LOL.

Nightingale Early Access & Twitch Drops

Nightingale Twitch Drops key visual

To celebrate Nightingale’s launch into Early Access on PC (Steam and Epic Games), a Twitch Drop campaign is being hosted on the streaming platform.  So, be sure to link your accounts and watch accredited streams to claim unique aesthetic items for your playthrough!

Nightingale’s Early Access begins February 20, 2024, and will go on for a year or so before the title is fully launched. To know more, visit their official website! 🙂

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