Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Brings New Characters in Winter Update

Level Infinite’s new gacha game, Goddess of Victory: Nikke has just released a new winter update!

New content in the update includes three new characters, five new costumes, PvP gameplay, and time-limited events that many Nikke lovers will probably enjoy! 🙂

NIKKE “Miracle Snow” Winter Update Event

nikke goddess of victory winter update

Starting December 8, players who log onto Goddess of Victory: Nikke can enjoy the “Miracle Snow” winter update event!

Three (3) new Nikkes will join the roster during the event such Rupee, Ann, and Neve. You can know more about them below:

Rupee: Winter Shopper (SSR)

  • Class: Defender
  • Weapon: Shopaholic (AR)
  • Manufacturer: Tetra Line
  • Availability: Rupee will be available in the Limited-Time Recruit banner from December 8-28, 2022

Anne: Miracle Fairy (SSR)

  • Class: Supporter
  • Weapon: Mayfly (RL)
  • Manufacturer: Missilis Industry
  • Availability: Anne will be available in the Limited-Time Recruit banner from December 15-28, 2022

Neve (SR)

  • Class: Attacker
  • Weapon: Hibernation (SG)
  • Manufacturer: Tetra Line
  • Availability: Anne will be available in the Grand Winter event banner from December 15-28, 2022

Both Rupee: Winter Shopper and Anne: Miracle Fairy can be drawn through their respective banners. Neve will be received the Grand Winter event banner for free. 🙂

New Costumes & PvP Mode

nikke goddess of victory costume

The winter update also introduces five (5) new costumes.

  • Emma – Color me Red
  • Poli – Sweet Holic
  • Brid – Model Worker
  • Maiden – Covert Nurse
  • Exia – Joy to the Nerds

The Emma – Color me Red costume is available for a limited time in the Winter Pass, while the other four costumes will be permanently available in the Costume Shop.

And for those excited about PvP and battling against other players, the Arena is now available!

nikke goddess of victory pvp arena

Participating in Arena matches in the Nikke Ark will award players with Arena Exchange Vouchers. These can be exchanged for various attractive prizes such as skill upgrade materials and equipment in the Arena Shop.

So, what’s your favorite thing about the winter update? Is Rupee: Winter Shopper worth pulling for? I’m not sure yet, I gotta do my research, hahaha!

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