Nintendo Launches Nintendo Switch Trailer

Nintendo just released a trailer that features their next gaming console, the rumored Nintendo NX is now called the Nintendo Switch. Check out some screenshots and the trailer below!

It seems that Nintendo has high hopes for its own console. Well I guess what company doesn’t?

The Nintendo Switch trailer showcases amazing accessibility, portability, and convenience of playing. It seems like they made it super easy for you to “switch” between playing on the big-screen or on-the-go, whether you’re alone or with a group of friends!





What’s more, Nintendo is sticking to one of its core strengths – multi-player capability!


All in all, the trailer leaves little yet still much to the imagination. I wonder how it’ll fare and, of course, what the price point of the console will be.  I’m not much for multi-player games, but the idea of being able to “switch” around as an option is quite intriguing!

The Nintendo Switch is rumored to be released March 2017. You can view the full trailer below:

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