Nintendo Reveals Monster Hunter XX for JPN

Big news was announced over at Monster Hunter Direct just recently about a new Monster Hunter title called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) for Japan.

The game is set to be released in the Land of the Rising Sun by March 18, 2017 and boasts of offering two new Hunting Styles for fellow Hunters to experiment their skills on. These include the Brave Style, and another which doesn’t have any info as of the moment.

The new game will also bring back the much-missed G-Rank quests. Players are also tasked to hunt a new main monster named Barufaruku (it’s a mouthful and it sounds a little perverted, LOL) and a new variant for a familiar monster, the Diablos.


They’re also updating the Prowler Mode wherein your fellow feline hunters will be able to jump off monsters, among other nifty tricks. Fret not, Hunters who have played Monster Hunter X will be able to transfer their data to the new game and those who have played Monster Hunter Stories will be given a gift – a Nabiru Palico outfit!

View the trailer below:

Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about this game. And that’s about it with Nintendo’s new reveal!

Yup, Monster Hunter XX in Japan this coming March 18, 2017! Double crossing my fingers we get an NA release. (Did you guys see what I did there? LOL.)


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