PlayPark Teams Up With Archosaur Games For Sci-Fi MMORPG Noah’s Heart

A new sci-fi MMORPG is making its way to SouthEast Asia! PlayPark is teaming up with Archosaur Games to launch Noah’s Heart!

Check out what to expect about the upcoming game, its platform, details, and more!

What Is Noah’s Heart?

Noah's Heart APK

Developed by Archosaur Games, the company behind popular fantasy mobile game Dragon Raja, and published by PlayPark, Noah’s Heart is an upcoming mobile sci-fi MMORPG that will allow its players to seamlessly explore through its large Open World map.

The mobile game is developed using UnReal Engine 4, and was initially launched in China. It already has over 10 million pre-registrations. PlayPark is looking to release the mobile title across SEA, namely in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Of course, this means that the mobile game will be localized in Thai, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Gameplay & Details

Noah's Heart Global Release Date

According to official information, Noah’s Heart will have its players face hundreds of monsters and NPCs. Plus, a sidekick pet Phantom can be summoned to assist them in battle. To make the whole experience more immersive, the mobile game has a day-night and weather system to add more dynamics in the gameplay.

Customization is also available, not only in terms of looks such as faces, hairstyles, and poses. Players can also choose their character’s careers, weapons, and playstyle. So there seems to be a lot to do in the game!

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested to try out? Hopefully PlayPark releases more information on pre-registrations and closed beta so interested players can check out Noah’s Heart!

You can check out more info about the title and more updates on PlayPark’s official Facebook Page!

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