NVIDIA Launches New GeForce RTX PCs and GeForce Esports PCs

Nvidia has recently worked together PC Express and PC Worx to launch system builder PCs to meet specific needs of today’s gamer generation!

Each system comes with different configurations and a variety of Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs that are perfect for every gaming level, whether you’re a content creator, competitive player, or ultra-high graphics enthusiast!

New Nvidia GeForce RTX™ PCs And GeForce Esports PCs

Nvidia GeForce RTX Esports PCs

The three system builder PC configurations that Nvidia worked on with PC Express and PC Worx are categorized in three ways: “Overachievers” GeForce Esports PCs with GeForce RTX 2060 GPUs, “Competitive Player” GeForce RTX PCs with GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs, and “Total Domination” GeForce RTX PCs with GeForce RTX 3080 GPUs.

The prices for these setups start at Php 53,000 and can go up as high as Php 129,000, depending on your chosen specs. So it really all depends on you what you can afford and what kind of power you need from your machine. HEHE. XD

Partnering With PC Worx And PC Express

Nvidia PC Worx PC Express

Nvidia partnered with PC Worx and PC Express as part of its campaign to empower local brands in the Philippines in offering the best products and support for users of the PC ecosystem.

“Gamers and content creators are hungry for systems that are capable of delivering uncompromised experience for AAA games and creative applications, all of which demand significant GPU performance,” said Simon Tan, Consumer Business Lead, APAC South, NVIDIA. “GeForce RTX PCs and GeForce Esports PCs can enable consumers in the Philippines to experience the most realistic ray-traced graphics, cutting-edge new features, and the power of AI.”

have assembled in collaboration with NVIDIA are suitable for the demands in the Philippines with accelerated digital transformation in many industries driven by the global health crisis. GeForce RTX PCs deliver the best-in-class computing and graphics for creators and gamers.”

Angelika Cruz, Marketing Manager of PC Worx, said, “Through this collaboration with NVIDIA, gamers and digital content creators only have to give a simple explanation of the specification they want when looking to buy or assemble their own PCs, after which they will be provided with a custom-built PC tailored to their needs.”

Though it’s been a while since I’ve worked and played on a PC, I do appreciate a powerful and well-built one. I would probably look to Nvidia and their partners to get the best hardware pieces that will fit my needs and budget. 🙂

To know more, you can visit the NVIDIA GeForce Lazada store, NVIDIA Shopee page, PC Express, and PC Worx!

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