OMGluie Beauty Review: Sailor Moon Shiseido MAQuillAGE Foundation & Primer

Oh wow. I didn’t realize that it’s been so long since I was able to bring home the products from the latest collaboration between Sailor Moon and Shiseido MAQuillAGE, SO I finally put them to the test! Here’s the OMGluie Beauty Review! Yay!

Before we get right into it, this post is gonna be very long and very photo-heavy. Because, you know, my fangirl heart couldn’t handle just how pretty the product packaging is and well, let’s just say that the product quality itself isn’t half-bad!

I was actually lucky enough to be able to purchase both products from the Premium Bandai store through my online shop, Tokyo Fanatics. We tried to open pre-orders for it but the set sold out in half a day! It was crazy! But I couldn’t blame the Sailor Moon fans and beauty addicts like myself, haha! It retailed at around Y7,000+ for the set, so I spent around Php 3,500 for both products – the powder compact plus the UV base.

I’m gonna be completely honest, I forgot to use the UV base for the photos in this blog post but I DID use the product under my other liquid foundation for a long-ass event I went to a couple of days back and it works pretty good. So, I think I’ll talk about it first, haha!

“Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV”:

The Dramatic Skin Sensor UV base is said to help keep your make-up intact, control your face’s natural oil production, and help your make-up/foundation last longer.

The set also comes with a sponge and a small pan of the Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation, which is actually pretty nifty coz if you decide to just purchase the UV base product, you get a small swatch of the foundation to test it with. (A great way to make an informed decision, LOL!)

The Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV has SPF 25 and a smooth, milky consistency in a light, peachy color. When applied to the skin, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all and it dries well.

I couldn’t say how well it keeps oil production at bay or how it keeps my make-up intact throughout the day since I don’t use bases that much BUT I will tell you this, I didn’t have to re-touch my foundation with powder during the 6+ hours I was out when I wore this. But then again, that may be just me and I did go out at night when the sun wasn’t blaring its rays at me. HAHA.

Verdict: It IS a good product! But I can’t say I will repurchase since this is a limited edition item AND I don’t really see the difference between make-up bases since I barely go full-coverage anyway. It’s a good purchase for collectors and fans like me but for those looking for a make-up base, I’d rather you go for a brand/product that you’re quite used to already. 🙂

NOW. Let’s talk about the “Dramatic Powdery UV” Foundation:

Okay guys, the truth is, whether or not I liked the foundation this compact came with, I would’ve bought this just the same. This is like, the most beautiful compact I have ever seen IN MY LIFE!!!

I swear, Sailor Moon is out to get me and my wallet. HUHU. It’s just so. I have no words. :< I can’t. EHEM. Anyway, LOL, the compact comes with a full pan of product and a make-up sponge!

I like how everything is packaged separate from each other. It feels quite luxurious and clean, haha!

Also, guys, those swirls and that MAQuillAGE print is just gorg. HAHA. … You can obviously tell that my heart is still not over this product. HAHA!

I got the shade OCHER 10, which is the lighter of the only 2 available shades offered for this set. So now, let’s get on to the actual trial of the Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation!

Just a disclaimer, I did NOT edit these photos AT ALL. The only thing I tweaked is the brightness but I did not Photoshop out my eyebags or any of my skin’s imperfections because I wanted to give you guys a full, honest review with the most accurate proof. HAHA.

Freshly-washed face:

The photo above is my freshly-washed face. … I literally just woke up, washed my face, applied my moisturizer and then primer, which was only applied to one side of my face. The left photo is the side with the primer on. I used the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer.

You can see that there is a distinct amount of redness on my face with a couple of blemishes here and there. XD

Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation applied:

The photo above is my face with a couple of layers of the foundation applied. I would say that this powder foundation has light to medium coverage. It also has that distinct “powdery” look as it states in the product name.

I like it because it takes the shine of my face away (I like my face to look matte all the time, LOL) and it does cover up a bit of the redness and some blemishes. The veins on my cheeks are still visible, though.

Everyday make-up look:

And this is my everyday, hassle-free make-up look which I normally finish in 10-15 mins. Just drew in my brows, put on eyeliner and blush, then a pop of color on my lips! In the end, the powder foundation has a finish that stays true to its name!

Oh, also, the set I purchased comes with a velvet pouch and deco sticker, which I am so glad for, because I don’t think I could bear it if the compact’s facade got scratched in any way. HUHU.

Here is my final verdict!

Application: Application of the product is easy. I’ve been using the sponge to build up coverage but you can also use a powder brush to touch up for that nice sheer dusting.
Coverage: Definitely light to medium. It does have that distinct powder foundation finish so if that’s not what you like, this product is NOT for you. 🙂
Staying Power: Pretty good. A solid 4-6 hours without re-touching as long as you don’t sweat or are under the sun.
Price: Y7,020 (excluding taxes + shipping fees) or around Php 3,500. It’s a collector’s item so I’m not sure it’s still available in the market. D: 

So that was my review! I HAVE been using the small foundation that the UV Base product came with as my re-touching powder recently and I have been enjoying it so far. Haha!

What did you guys think? Were you able to purchase this item, too? I would love to talk to you guys about it! Hihi~

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