OMGluie Faves: Sony E3 2016 Press Con

With the Sony E3 Press Conference just concluded, here are some of my personal favorite announcements and highlights! And mind you, there’s a LOT!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the start of the press con but I did get to tune in when they started showing trailers for upcoming games. I’m really amped up right now. (Though my wallet is not quite at the same level. LOL.) So let’s get right down to what I thought were the best things that Sony announced during their press conference this E3 2016!

1. God of War 

Hell yeah, Kratos is back! And he’s bigger and badder since the last time we saw him! … And apparently he’s also a father? Check out the special gameplay trailer below:

I guess we can wait to find out more. I mean, they did give us a preview of what the game would look like and the setting of the plot, which seems interesting. I am also very curious about the father-son dynamic. Will it change the way that Kratos deals with things (usually with gore and violence), now that he has a child? Who knows. I’m aching to find out.

2. The Last Guardian

One of the games that has also piqued my interest is The Last Guardian. This trailer will show you why:

I am left a little confused because the world seems just so out there. But that’s what makes a great fantasy game, right? The trailer doesn’t reveal that much but I figured what drew my curiosity are the picturesque locations. It’s really a treat for the eyes. Plus giant flying animals that you may get to ride? I am ON that!

The Last Guardian is set to be released October 25 of this year. So, hold your horses, guys, it’s just a little more waiting. 🙂

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn

My personal favorite of the batch, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks very promising. It’s simply gorgeous! And the plot premise is intriguing! It doesn’t help that it reminds me so much of Skyrim, what with all the greenery and such, but the action-adventure gameplay also makes me wonder how I’ll deal. Might prove to be a great challenge! One I’m willing to undertake. … Because it’s just so, so, so pretty.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be launched February 2017.

4. Resident Evil 7

Though not much of a fan of horror games and the horror genre in general, the fact that Resident Evil seems to be an undying game franchise gives it a spot on this post. LOL. Here’s the gameplay demo:

Is it just me or do these Resident Evil games keep becoming scarier and creepier. Ugh. Gives me the heebie-jeebies. HAHA! The game will be released on January 24, 2016!

5. Playstation VR


Launching October 13, 2016, the Playstation VR is priced at a whopping $399. Apparently a bunch of games (around 50) will be available before the end of 2016. They also showed some VR trailers like Star Wars Battlefront and Batman Arkham but my personal favorite would have to be the Final Fantasy XV one which will allow you to play as Prompto in a FPS perspective! Pretty cool!

6. Crash Bandicoot

AHHHHHHHH. Crash Bandicoot is coming back to Playstation!!!!!

We’ve got news that Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot Warped will be remastered for Playstation 4, okay, guys, yes, you heard me right. Huhu. All my childhood feels, OMG. HAHAHA.

7. Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

He’s back, and he’s brought a gruesome, chilling, game trailer to E3 2016:

Again, I’m not a fan of creepy stuff but Hideo Kojima is a genius in his own right. … And a gaming legend. So, I’m pretty sure we’re getting this game. Even if it will scare the beejeezus out of me. LOL. The trailer features Norman Reedus (from Walking Dead) as a character in his upcoming game, Death Stranding.

I have excluded some game trailers and info from the press conference (because I really just wanted to talk about the ones I found most interesting, HAHA) but you can watch the whole thing here:

Ugh, it’s definitely Sony that lords over all at E3 this year. So many games, so little time (and money, hahaha!)! But I will find a way! I can’t wait til Nintendo goes on stage and talks about Monster Hunter, other than that, I think I’m all set for this year (and the next year). Whee~

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