OMGluie Game Review: Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

30 hours in, right in the middle of Chapter 7, Final Fantasy XV is turning out to be the much-anticipated revival of the longstanding JRPG series, at least to me. So, here’s the uber late (forgive me, LOL), OMGluie Game Review of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV for the Playstation 4.

I’m gonna do my best to keep this as short and as concise as possible, without me going off into fangirly tangents. Who am I kidding, LOL. I am completely in love with this game! I can’t put it down and let me tell you why.

Everything is So Pretty! (And we all know this is VERY important to me, hehe)
Literally everything. The skies, the roads, even the dirt on your freakin’ car. It’s so glittery and glamorous, I can’t even.

Honestly, this is something already to be expected from a game that spanned a decade to make, but having spent hours just driving around enjoying the scenery, visiting a variety of locations, even mucking through the mud & in-game rain, it’s a pretty amazing sight to behold.

There’s nothing ugly about Final Fantasy XV, save for random clips in the graphics that can’t really be avoided and butt-ugly monsters, HAHA. The in-game scenery blends extremely seamlessly together with the CG cut scenes to create that perfect JRPG world. My eyes (and JRPG fanatic heart) keeps dying in happiness every time I boot this game up.

The Dynamic Battle System & Game Play
No lies here. The battle system of FFXV thoroughly intimidated me. I thought playing the Monster Hunter series would have prepared me but nothing really could have shown me the way than really just getting into it.

Final Fantasy XV’s game play and battle system is challenging. It will take time, effort, and strategy, even for an experienced gamer, to get through all the kinks and battle through mobs with nary a scratch. This game fully utilizes all available buttons on your controller, making the battle system complicated in a smart way and leaving your hand cramped after six straight hours of playing.

I do love, however, how dynamic a system they have created. You’re given a wide range of weapons (though limited number of spells) and a whole variety of ways to use them. Feel like going head on with a broadsword? Feel free to do so! Love the speed of dual blades, there’s that option, too.

And not just that, your companions don’t just stand around waiting for orders, they do their own thing and they watch out for you, too. It’s not your run-of-the-mill party but a mix of unique combinations depending on your personal fighting style that make every battle different from each other.

I also like how they didn’t over-complicate statistics with separate skill boards for each of the members. So you know that you’re operating as one unit with just a slight emphasis on the main character.

Really. Final Fantasy XV has put my gamer cred to the challenge and after being frustrated at Noctis not knowing how to block and parry (my bad, I was doing things wrong, LOL), I finally learned some tricks that help me go through each battle the best way that I can.


Suspense-Filled Plot
I’m already deep into Chapter 7 and I still don’t know what the hell is going on. Sure, the main mission seems pretty straightforward. Find the girl, save the girl, save the world, get revenge, LOL, but there are so many things happening and I’m just sitting here with my brain constantly teasing me into thinking that the painful Square Enix plot twist we all know that’s gonna happen is waiting just around the corner.

You don’t know if your allies are your allies or if your enemies are really your enemies. It’s a deceitful position to be in and most of the time you’re left at the mercy of those in power. You’re given the chance to exact revenge and justice (as you see fit) but there’s that lingering sense in the back of my head that there really isn’t something right here. LOL.

OMG. There’s so much to do! Like, so much to do, I don’t know where it all starts and ends. But there’s nothing more I love about a game than the flexibility of moving between the main storyline and the side quests. Much like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Final Fantasy XV has got their handle on the open world/side quest thing just about right.

Now, the game moves and flows at your will, whether you decide to barrel through the main plot lines in a speed run, spend a couple of in-game hours fishing your heart away, or challenging your companions to Chocobo races.

In the end, just like the SM Supermalls in the Philippines, it seems Final Fantasy XV has got it all for you. Good gameplay, a dynamic battle system, highly-engaging plot, and an open world with lots to do wrapped in a pretty amazing graphics package.

Honestly, what’s not to love? Would totally recommend to all Final Fantasy fans and to those who are just new to the series. This is it. This is the kind of Final Fantasy game I’ve been waiting for since FFX, guys, and I am just so glad I’m playing it right now.

So, what do you think? Love FFXV? Hate it? Let me know! Would love to talk about it with other gamers! 🙂

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