OMGluie Game Review: Viscera Cleanup Detail (PC)

Hello everyone and a Happy, Happy New Year to you all! I’ve sort of returned from my semi-hiatus from blogging with an OMGluie Game Review for the sci-fi simulation game, Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Viscera Cleanup Detail isn’t a new game. I learned about it a few years ago, back in 2015, when it was first launched by South Africa-based indie developer studio RuneStorm. I tried it for a couple of minutes, courtesy of my boyfriend, but I didn’t feel too much for it.

I was honestly a little mortified by the blood and all-around gore. LOL. So what has made me change my mind? So much so that I have the game and its current DLCs? Stress. And LIFE. I guess. HAHA!

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a science fiction simulation game where you come in as space janitors tasked to clean up the aftermath of terrifying alien space invasions, science experiments gone wrong, and all that morbid jazz. And that’s all there is to it, really.

It might not have the best looking graphics or the most inviting mechanics in terms of gameplay but the stress relief IS REAL. The game will pander to your all your obsessive-compulsiveness, leaving your inner neat freak and germophobe happy and healthy, HAHAHA.

So how does it work? You’re basically given a mop and pair of hands to work through a labyrinth of blood, muck, and severed body limbs, you name it. You’re also armed with a debris & goo sniffer which tells you if there’s still a mess that you need to clean up.

Throughout the different available stages, things that are constant (beyond all the shit you have to sift through) are tool dispensing machines (for your sent-by-heaven buckets of water and disposal bins), waste incinerators or some way to get rid of all the gunk, a laser welding machine to meld bullet holes and incinerate giant body bags or trash, and an elevator, which malfunctions more often than not.

You’re also tasked to move a lot of things around such as barrels and crates, and to put them in areas where they’re supposed to be located. Remember what I told you about fulfilling your OC behaviour? Yep, this is totally the game for it.

I don’t know how long I’ve spent on this game. A few good solid hours where I’d just while away the time, cleaning area after area, making sure that it’s spotless and everything’s organized. Of course everything changes when you decide to play coop with some friends and all they do is wreak havoc by throwing fuel into the incinerator.

It’s insane. It’s simple, but it’s insane. And I totally love it.

If you’re the type who’s clamouring to release the cleaning kraken within you, this game is for you. As long as your stomach’s not sensitive and you’ve got a morbid sense of humor. HAHA.

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