OMGluie Goes to Tokyo Part 1: Artnia & Eorzea Cafe

OMG. Talk about a huge gap in posts. But I’m back, for now, to tell you the tales of my trip to Tokyo last September to October 2016. Long past due, yes, but hey, at least it’s here! So, here’s OMGluie Goes to Tokyo Part 1! We visit Artnia in Shinjuku and the Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara! MANY MANY PHOTOS BELOW!

Our first day really was just for travel and acquainting ourselves with the area. Since our home base was Shinjuku, we had put into our itinerary to visit Artnia! With our trusty Google Maps app, we were able to find it (after 20-3o minutes of walking, phew!).

It may look tiny on the outside but it’s a lot bigger on the inside, haha! When you enter, you first see the cafe area, but let’s talk about that later!

We proceeded into the inner sanctum right away where some of their more famous Play Arts Kai figures were on display. They were really promoting Final Fantasy XV! (Ugh, I should’ve taken advantage of it because I didn’t know that later on I’ll be falling in love with the game. HUHU!)

A lot of the cool merch from all the Square Enix series (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Bravely Default, even Dragon Quest!) were showcased, too.

I personally wanted that Wolf ring from FFVII: Advent Children. ;A; In the middle of it all was the gorgeous Materia Fountain! AHHHHHH!!

After fooling around in the display area for a bit, we went back to the cafe for some snacks. It’s aptly named “Seventh Heaven”. Hihi. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s the name of Tifa Lockheart’s bar in Advent Children.)

We decided to order a bunch of drinks and some pancakes, haha!

Naturally I got the strawberry one. <3

And so our first day in Tokyo ended! The next day, which was my birthday, yay, we traveled all the way to Akihabara because we had purchased slots to get into the Eorzea Cafe.  Interestingly, the building the cafe was housed in also had other themed cafes in it. I think it’s called Pasela Sweets, or something, I forget!

Eorzea Cafe actually brings to life what it would be like to be in a bar/restaurant in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I took a lot of photos, guys, so, LOL, let them show you what I’m talking about!

If you’ve got an active FFXIV:ARR account, you can log in and play for the time that you’re there. Not many people who went in during our time slot played, maybe because you’re only allowed two hours inside the cafe. Remember that! 🙂

Of course, we can’t forget about the food! We literally scoured through the menus and everything is really FF-related, haha!

Our drinks were also so cute! And tasty! Beware, though, some have alcoholic content, haha!

It’s also not an unknown fact that the Japanese love the lottery! AND WE WON! HAHA. WE WON THE FRICKIN’ LOTTERY TWICE! We got a poster and my seat number won the grand prize of a giant Pasela Honey Toast dessert, HAHAHA!

For better appreciation, you can check out my video blog below:

I didn’t take that much footage of Eorzea Cafe because we weren’t allowed to take videos! Artnia is free-for-all, you can visit it any time as long as it’s open. Eorzea, however, you need to have someone in Japan purchase tickets/slots for you and it’s all very neatly scheduled! You get one free drink with the ticket, though! You can check out the site (it’s in Japanese) HERE.

And that’s it for the first part of OMGluie Goes to Tokyo! Later on I’ll be uploading more tourist-y photos, some geek spots we visited, and of course, all the food we ate! See you next time! 🙂

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