OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Lunar Tides in Slate Grey

Hello everyone! It’s time for another hair dye review! I took the much talked about brand, Lunar Tides, out for a spin and here are the results! Continue on to see what shade of grey I was able to achieve! <3

As usual, I get my hair dye hauls from Rainbowhead Philippines! The Lunar Tides in Slate Grey product comes in a small tub, quite similar to the famous Manic Panic dyes.

The color of the dye is indicated at the top of the tub with a sticker and the tub houses 4 ounces of product. It was originally priced at Php 700 but Rainbow Head PH has since lowered it to Php 650.

In comparison, Pravana Silver is 3 oz. at Php 650, Arctic Fox is 4 oz. at Php 600, and Ion is 2.05 oz. at Php 550.

Opening the tub up, the dye is almost purple-black in color. It also didn’t smell distinctly like anything. Pravana had a very chemical perfume smell while Arctic Fox smelled like grape candy, haha!

So, here is my hair BEFORE:

Take note that I last dyed my hair in August 2017 with the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Silver and this is the faded color after 2.5 – 3 months. These photos were taken in mid-November 2017! 🙂

AND here is my hair AFTER:

TADA! Okay, compared to Pravana Silver’s purple-grey hues, Lunar Tides Slate Grey (even when hella diluted) comes out in a blue-grey tone. It even looks navy or denim blue in darker lighting!

This is the first time I’ve actually dyed my hair in more bluish tones! I didn’t hate it but I didn’t LOVE it either. The color is pretty okay, it did fade out nicely, but I would still prefer Pravana or Ion to this, haha!

I’m sad to say that Lunar Tides Slate Grey didn’t live up to its internet hype, huhu! However, if you’re looking for a more blue-toned grey hair dye or want to experiment on the navy/denim hair color trend, this is a dye you can check out. 🙂

I DO have another color from this brand to try – Smokey Purple! (Yes, I’m going back to purple after so long, HAHAHAHA!) So do watch out for that, LOL!

Until the next hair dye adventure~ <3

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