OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver

Oh yes! After so, so long, it’s time for another OMGluie Hair Dye Review! I’ve been wanting to try this dye for the longest time and I finally bought myself a couple of tubes! Without further ado, here’s my review of the Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver.

The Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver is, I noticed, one of the most raved about silver/grey hair dyes in the web. I’ve done a lot of searching online with regards to grey dye and well, all roads have lead to this!

I purchased two tubes from Rainbowhead Philippines for Php 700 a pop! You get 3 fl. oz so it’s decently priced, I think. Ion is Php 550 for 2.05 fl. oz while Arctic Fox is Php 600 for 4 fl. oz.

However, you can only really feel the difference in prices depending on the amount of product you end up using for the length of hair you have.

Off the bat, from the tube, you can tell that the dye is very, very purple. I actually ended up using 5 fl. oz. I literally had 1 fl. oz of product left and it was kind of a mistake because I DID NOT foresee how pigmented this hair dye would be on my hair.

Before we get to that, here are my BEFORE photos…

Take note that this was last dyed in June 2017 with Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Titanium which was also diluted in conditioner. :))

And here are the AFTER photos…

I know it looks patchy in some parts but that’s really because I’ve been bleaching my hair only at the roots so some uneven-ness of color is to be expected. But gosh, haha, can you believe that I’ve had grey hair for almost a year??

Anyway, can you see that pigment??? Holy hell, you guys, I didn’t expect it to turn out so purple, haha!

The purple tone really doesn’t bother me because I expect it to even out after a couple of washes. … I’m actually on my 5th wash already but the color only calmed down. It now looks more kinda dark purple/slate blue-gray, LOLOLOL.

The dye is easier to use. It’s not thick and creamy like Ion but not runny like Arctic Fox. I guess the closest comparison would be the Iro Iro hair dye? IDK.  Athough, I gotta say, I really hate the smell of the dye, it’s just too strong for me! Ah, but mixing it with conditioner helps cancel out the scent, sooooo, there’s that. :))

If you want to see the dye in action and how I DIY my hair, watch the video below:

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried this dye yet? Let me know how it turned out for you, hehe! Until the next hair dye review/video! 🙂

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  1. what will be the effect if this dye is used on a newly bleached hair with no gray tint? i noticed that your hair is already gray that’s why it turned in to a purple tone.

    • Hi Kelly,

      You might notice that my hair was more silver than grey when I re-dyed it. You can also see in the video that the Pravana dye is already heavily purple-toned, even with the dilution of white conditioner. Most grey hair dye come with either a purple or blue tone to cancel out any yellow/brassiness in your hair.

      I don’t think my hair being silver already has anything to do with it turning out purple except to provide the dye a light, blank canvas for it to stick to. Hence, just how pigmented the color turned out to be. 🙂 In this sense, I should’ve used less dye and more conditioner, if I only wanted a tint of grey or purple.

      To answer your question on what the effect the dye will have on newly bleached hair? I don’t have a clue, HAHA, I’m coming from a base of silver hair so I can’t really answer your question.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

    • I also tried using the wella 050 to achieve gray hair, and i read you review on the arctic fox where you said that it turned your hair into an ashy blonde. My hair also turned into the same color after just a week. I am currently debating on what gray hair dye i should use to cover it up. Based on your reviews, my top pic is the ion titanium or the pravana vivids in silver. What do you think is best to use? I really found your blog helpful. Thank you!

      • It’s hard to say. I can’t really tell which one you would prefer.

        I’d use Pravana again because it’s easier to apply and cheaper overall (since you only need a little product to get dark pigment) but I like the color pay off of Ion during initial application of the dye.

        It’s really up to you and what tone of grey you prefer. 🙂

          • You can check my blog posts, they usually indicate how many washes or my estimated longevity per dye.

            You can also check the timelines of each dye I’ve used (so from Wella to Arctic Fox to Ion to Iro Iro to Pravana and then Lunar Tides).

  2. Which dyes lasts longer? The ion or pravana? And how do you maintain your grey/silver hair? Your hair color still looks fresh even if it already took 2-3months after dyeing it with grey and even if the roots are already showing. This is so amazing, as i was browsing back and forth at your grey hair reviews and observing the timeline, i was expecting like after 2weeks with grey or silver dyes , your hair would turn brassy eventually or would fade to yellowish shade but yours still looks great and remained grey/silver.

    • Hi Nics, thanks for the comment! Hold on to your seat because this is gonna be one long-ass reply.

      Anyway, in my opinion, Pravana definitely lasts longer than Ion. Ion is good for maybe 1-1.5 months while Pravana (because of its darker pigment) lasts around 1.5 – 2 months. I am a fan of both, though, and would repurchase. Ion for the color (I super love the gunmetal grey) and Pravana for the longevity and price point (lasts so much longer, easier to use, plus it’s cheaper). You can check the price differences in my blog posts.

      How I maintain my hair color? First of all, you need to get to a level 9 or 10 base. I get my hair done (bleached) at a salon that uses Olaplex so it minimizes damage. At home, I wash my hair every other day and I use purple shampoo (both Clairol’s and GWP). When I wash my hair, I condition with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle (any variant) but for deep conditioning and maintenance of hair integrity I use Olaplex No. 3 (the take home treatment) once a week and the Snoe PM Hair Repair Argan Oil (every night or when I remember, LOL).

      My hair DOES turn yellowish and/or brassy over time, it’s the minerals in the water, but I do re-dye my hair every 2.5 – 3 months just to keep the hair color fresh.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Wow! Thank you for the detailed reply, and taking the time to respond to all your readers. You’re awesome and very beautiful as well, keep up the great reviews, you’re so generous. i’ll take note on all of these. ❤️

  3. I started out with blonde hair, and what I noticed about the ashy toners is that they do turn out either blue or purple. I solved this by buying a fade accelerator shampoo to calm it down the same day. I’m not patient enough to wait any longer. You can buy it online, but I hope that this helps.


    • Hi Alyssa!

      Pravana is more blue/purple-toned. Arctic Fox is a more true grey. It depends on what kind of grey tone you’re looking for. Pravana sticks longer and fades slower but it has a different tone than “grey” grey. Arctic Fox is a real grey the moment you apply it but it fades faster and the color needs to be touched up quite often. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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