OMGluie Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Hey guys! SO. I recently saw the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Captain America: Civil War (TWICE!!), and here is my not-so-short opinion on it. 🙂 (WARNING: MANY SPOILERS AHEAD)

So. Let’s get right down to it. Quite unlike my superficial thoughts on the Deadpool Movie, this post will be a little bit more critical since I expect a lot more from the MCU movies. (This is the part of my blog that I pretend I take things seriously, LOL.)

I am not by any means a serious reviewer of things. This post is purely my opinion and I have no intention of offending anyone and their sensitivities. I will talk about this movie as how I see it, with only the MCU as my background knowledge (because it’s only fair given these stories are of a universe of their own and because I have close to no knowledge of these characters and how they’re written/portrayed in their respective comics).

So please, be gentle with me and my opinions, and do forgive me if I may seem ignorant. 🙂


To summarize, Captain America: Civil War was a good and entertaining movie. I enjoyed myself immensely.  The action scenes were impeccable and the tension around the characters undeniable.

But in my opinion, it lacked tangible substance. However, it does provide an an interesting fluff bridge way to the rest of the upcoming MCU movies.


I loved the screen time for Black Panther, I thought it was marvelous how they tied his story into the MCU. Though the presence of Wakanda in the former movies already gave hints, it felt completely different, and REAL, the moment he appeared. I am also quite curious about his character. Given that he already has the vibranium suit (which is totally rad btw, he’s like a male Catwoman), what makes me wonder more is how he has come to seem like he’s enhanced, when on the outside he seems like every other person (you know, despite his nobility, LOL).


Spider-Man wasn’t much of a surprise. Though I’m not much of a fan of the actor’s face (sorry, guys!), I like how the character was written and portrayed. Good acting chops on Tom Holland. He was fun and quirky, quite the fanboy, which is how an inexperienced teenage superhero-wannabe should act around big names that he could only dream of meeting or teaming up with.


Of course, seeing Ant-Man (Paul Rudd!!!) was more than thrilling. He provided a little bit of comic relief despite the heavy tension and intense action scenes. (I would also probably grab onto Captain America’s pecs, just for posterity’s sake.)

I feel like there’s a little bit of Spider-Man and Ant-Man in all us. We’re all just big fans of these characters and it’s really something else to see them come alive on the big screen.

But here’s the part that gets me. And don’t hate me for this, okay, but I felt that the plot was lacking, like I was just watching a giant filler episode.


My main problem here was the lack of an overpowered, common enemy (like, say, the aliens in the first Avengers movies, and Ultron in Age of Ultron). There was some beauty in the trickery and manipulation Zemo provided that made the Avengers all spiral into the roller coaster of hell that is their emotions, but it still felt incomplete and empty.

And strangely enough, the Sokovia Accords took a backseat in the story, which was disappointing for me. Yes, it provided a tiny springboard for the conflict but that’s all there was to it when ironically, that was what should have been the center of it all, and not Tony and Steve fighting it out with all their haywire emotions going gaga. HAHA.


Maybe the draw here is how it was made for the Avengers to crumble from within. With both Tony and Steve in their most emotional states (as you’ve never seen them before and it isn’t pretty), their sense of logic had completely disappeared and it was now a fight for what they believe is right and true.

Now I believe that the idea of the “Civil War” could have been bigger. But it felt downplayed because we were presented with a completely biased view of the “war” because it is still a Captain America movie. ( I mean, which titular character turns out to be the bad guy in his own movie? It would be completely different if it were named, say, Iron Man: Civil War, LOL.)


There’s no denying the fact that the movie is a good movie. I would still recommend that people watch it because it’s really fun and entertaining. And seeing all these big stars in one movie going at each other is quite the sight. But I think you should take it as it is and not look for anything too deep. It does provide good hype and the perfect bridge way for the other upcoming MCU movies though. Yes, great, big, fluffy hype. 🙂

And it makes for an interesting discussion on so many points. Like how will the next Avengers movie feel like now that the Sokovia Accords have been put into play? Where will Cap and his team move on to? Are they now vigilantes, much like General Ross said? Will Black Panther get his own movie (because I will watch the hell out of that)? Will Rhodes be able to use the War Machine suit again? AND what is UP with Scarlet Witch and Vision?

So many questions, so many more movies to answer them with. C’mon MCU, we’re waiting. What about you guys? What did you think? Care to discuss? 🙂


*Also, thank you to Thefanboyseo and Vivo Mobile Philippines for giving me a chance to watch this movie on IMAX last April 29, you guys are the best!

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