OMGluie Movie Review: Disney’s Moana

Finally found the time to sit down and write the OMGluie Movie Review for Disney’s Moana, tickets courtesy of Globe!

Being able to see Disney’s Moana on its first showing day is amazing. It’s a Disney film like no other. It held my heart in its hands, made me cry buckets, and of course, entertained me extremely.

The film centers around Moana, a young chieftain’s daughter who has always had a fascination with the sea, something her family (except her grandmother) so strongly forbids her (and everyone) from venturing out into. However a strange curse has traversed the ocean, reaching their island, killing their sources of food and livelihood.


This forces her to go through a journey of legendary proportions, not only to save the world, but through an adventure through one’s own self-doubt and eventual self-discovery.

What I Loved:

  • UGH. The animation, the CG! Top-notch!! The unique and never been done before setting. AND THE STORY. ESPECIALLY THE STORY. It’s been a while since Disney went back to its fairytale roots of legends and folklore stories that actually had some mythological background to it. UGH. AGAIN. UGH.


  • The Rock as Maui. Won’t spoil anything but there’s no doubt the movie felt complete with him as part of the cast.


  • THE FEELS. All the feels! I swear, there are too many feels in this film! I cried a lot of tears. I cried more in this movie than I ever did in Finding Dory or their last Disney Princess movie, Frozen.

What I Didn’t Love:

  • The songs, I guess? They seem quite difficult to sing along to which makes me really worried because Disney kind of banks on their songs to skyrocket their films to virality. Anybody heard of “Let It Go”? Yep. There you go. That’s what I meant.
  • That weird awkward crab scene. That’s all I’m gonna say. HAHAHAHA.

BUT BUT BUT for the first time (in forever! LOL, see what I did there), Disney has evolved its princess concept into something that’s more than just pretty girls and pretty boys with pretty voices and scary dragons (though I seriously, seriously have no problem with that because I’m a Little Mermaid fanatic, okay).


For once, they have do away with a love interest. They do away with love stories that always seemed so crucial in Disney Princess movies. BUT THEY PUT THE FOCUS MORE ON MOANA and the deep internal struggles that she is faced with – her responsibilities as a chieftain’s daughter and her innate love of adventure and the sea!


It makes for a very relatable film for every little/young/notevenyoung/basicallyevery girl out there who is facing the same kind of social pressures and the constant need to be who they truly are, no matter what.


So yeah, applause Disney, because you’re growing and I’m really crossing my fingers that the stories don’t regress from here. Overall, I loved it. I’m super glad I watched it. I would recommend it to everybody. It’s too much fun to pass up. 🙂 Again, thank you to Globe Telecom for the tickets. You can find out how to win yourself your own pair of tickets to Disney’s Moana HERE, FYI.

And that’s that, hope you guys enjoyed the movie review! ‘Til the next one! 🙂

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