OMGluie Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Here I am again with a trying hard, non-spoiler move review for you guys! And this time it’s about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest film, Doctor Strange!

This movie gives me quite the magical memory because it was the first time I’ve ever gone to a midnight screening! Haha! Again, a disclaimer: I don’t know anything about Doctor Strange, never read a comic in my life. So please, bear with my comic book canonverse ignorance, I am writing strictly from an MCU fan standpoint!


So, let’s get to it then!

Things I loved:

  • The story in itself is extremely interesting! I’m a big fan of all things magical, so if you introduce me to a fantasy world within the reality of life, count me in! For once, I have no complaints on how the story went. I usually dissect the plot from a writer’s point of view, but this time I think that the MCU is getting better at writing and plotting their origin stories. There wasn’t any glaring loophole that I could pinpoint and most of my questions were answered during the film. They explained things very well.
  • The special effects! From the topsy-turvy, LSD-like worlds they created, even to the minute details such as their glowing runes and symbols when using their sorcerer powers, it was gorgeous!


  • Benedict Cumberbatch was perfectly casted, I think! He showcased the perfect air of arrogance at being the best at what he does, the bullheadedness that lead to his downfall, and the humility that he eventually learns to rise up again. I must admit that losing his British accent lessened his appeal just a smidgen, but everything else he did really brought Doctor Strange to life!
  • Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One!! Let me spazz here for a minute because I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan, okay. LOL. I love the inevitable twist in the end that they gave to her character. A much-needed one in the plot but interestingly it doesn’t lead to hatred or dislike but a deeper understanding of where her character comes from.


  • The Cloak of Levitation!!! OMG. It’s the cutest thing. Seriously. I want one. HAHAHAHA.
  • The relationship, or lack of. I really liked the fact that they didn’t focus too much on a love story between Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer. It’s a pathetic use for Rachel McAdams, true, BUT it just shows that even a brilliant man such as Stephen Strange can be sucky at relationships.


  • The humor and wit. I love the banter between Doctor Strange and Wong. Even the conversations between the Doctor and the main villain is quite funny, haha!

Things I didn’t love so much:

  • The pacing of some fight scenes. Okay, I understand that the length of some of the fight scenes were to showcase sorcerer tricks and techniques but I believe they could be cut down some thirty seconds or so. Many of the fight scenes really drag out where the characters just keep running around or away from each other. D:


  • The lengthy talkies. Although things were explained very well, if you’re not a fan, there are a lot of words and things that would get lost in translation. The film did its best to show just how sorcerer powers work through a lot of visual effects, but there’s still a lot of lengthy talking and complicated theories involved so prepare to get your thinking cap on, hahaha!
  • The OP-ness of Doctor Strange. You’ll see in the film exactly what I mean. There’s a certain scene that will make you think, well, that’s completely unfair. We already know he’s a brilliant doctor with a gifted mind and then he starts to excel in the mystic arts, too? Doctor Strange comes off as an OP-ed character to me. LOL.


  • The sort of anti-climactic confrontation between Doctor Strange and the big baddie. Ehhhh. I get that they tried to tie everything that the character learned throughout his journey to enlightenment in the film’s final confrontation but it just didn’t wow me in the end. I think it could’ve been done with a little more pizzazz.

Also, here are some phrases that really struck me that I think encapsulates the essence of the movie:

  • “Forget everything you think you know.” – Doctor Strange is really quite strange and fantastical. A great reminder to keep an open mind and always be ready to stretch your point of view. 🙂
  • “It’s not about you.” – A special message to all the special snowflakes out there. No, sorry, haha, I think this just means that the world is a big, wide, open space, and there are many ways for us to help one other.


And there you have it! Doctor Strange is like Alice in Wonderland on crack. It’s colorful, mystical, magical. And it opens up a portal to many questions that we can’t wait for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to answer.

10/10 would watch again. It’s entertaining, it’s funny, it’s got the action going. And guys, it’s MAGIC, okay. Catch it on the big screen starting October 26!

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