OMGluie Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming + Win Tickets through Oppo!

Before we begin, let me first just get it out there. I am not a Spider-Man fan. So, here is my no holds barred review of the MCU’s take on the long awaited homecoming of probably one of the most successful superheros they have ever created. Ever.

I don’t even know why I’m not a Spider-Man fan. But for as long as I can remember, my reaction to the web-slinger is pretty much “MEH.” Hate me now, I don’t really care but here are things that I liked and disliked about the movie!

I Liked:

  • Tom Holland. Suprisingly, I liked him as Spider-Man, even as Peter Parker. I thought he was cute as a teenager. He’s got that REAL awkward phase down to a tee. Though, I have to say, sometimes he was a little TOO awkward.
  • The action. It’s an MCU take alright. So the action is non-stop and pretty cool. Being an MCU version, it’s really got all the bells and whistles to provide round-the-clock entertainment.
  • MICHAEL KEATON as Vulture. Holy smokes, it’s Batman, guys! I think what I liked the most is how they made the “villain” in this movie a little more relatable and human. You can’t really hate on him, LOL.Compared to other antagonists that are all about power and destroying worlds, here’s a guy who’s just making do with what he’s got. It gives you a deeper think into the economy of superhero-ing, that big time names can actually trample on small-time companies that are only trying to keep themselves afloat. It’s a strange think, yes, but it’s there and relatable to many of us in the real world, I guess.
  • NED!!! Like, guys, seriously, how can you not like this guy?In the previous Spider-Man movies, what I noticed was that the comic relief solely came from Peter Parker/Spider-Man himself. This time, Tom Holland isn’t the only funny guy. He’s actually got a sidekick and an interesting (smart, too) one at that!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Most of the fight scenes were shot at night. This makes it really hard to see the action and quite difficult to follow the movement. Half the time I was squinting my eyes, LOL.
  • Irrelevant characters??? I really, really hated how much they played up Zendaya’s role via promotion and marketing when she was barely there. And even if she was, she looked like a sickly pre-pubescent child.

    IDEK why she was there. HUHU. If she’s the MCU’s take on Mary Jane, IDK anymore. It’s just gonna make me sad.

Hm. I’m really at a loss for words because though the movie was good and a lot of people are raving about it online, I felt a complete lack of connection. There wasn’t any tugging of heartstrings for me, though I gotta mention that Aunt May was really, really hot. Which leads me to ask, if Aunt May is hot, does that mean Uncle Ben was hot, too? LOLOL.

But seriously, what I observed is that the MCU deviated from an origins story and made it a more coming-of-age story. Here, Spider-Man realizes on his own that he’s young and still has a lot to learn. In this case, (though I’m not a fan of Ironman or RDJ), Tony Stark’s role isn’t completely irrelevant in this film.

I’m sure Spider-Man fans will 100% enjoy. It definitely hits a sweet spot because hey, Spider-Man’s finally home!

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That’s all for now. See you in the next movie review! 🙂

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