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I was able to catch a showing of Warcraft: The Beginning last week. I had a surprisingly good time. Let me tell you why.

Warcraft: The Beginning tells the story of the formerly peaceful land of Azeroth that has suddenly been thrust into war. A warrior band of Orcs, lead by orc shaman Gul’dan and orc warchief Blackhand, left their land, Draenor, that has been torn apart by war and Fel magic, and has made their way through to Azeroth by means of a Dark Portal. Among this band of orcs are members of the Frostwolf Clan, its chieftain Durotan, his mate Draka, and his friend Orgrim Doomhammer.


With the looming threat of the orcs, it is the city of Stormwind, its King, Llane Wrynn, military commander, Sir Anduin Lothar, and Azeroth Guardian Medivh, who decide that there must be something done to stop the ravaging of their lands and with the help of former Dalaran mage Khadgar and orc slave Garona, they fight to keep the human race from extinction.


Though not well-versed in the history and lore of Warcraft, I played enough World of Warcraft to have developed a nostagic kind of love for the series. I first played WoW as an Undead Rogue with whom I had many fun adventures. But my true escapades began with my Blood Elf Hunter who remained my main for the good half a year or so that I immersed myself in the MMO.

But enough of my nostalgia-tripping. I’m here to talk about the movie and my feelings towards it. The truth is, my mind is still in a jumble and my heart full because I loved every single fuckin’ minute of it. I honestly wish there was more to watch!


The scenes were beautiful, though I got a little dizzy with some of the aerial shots being a little out of focus, and there were no boring bits! Every minute made reference to some thing, event, location, creature, monster, (FUCKIN MURLOCKS HAHAHAHA!!!) in the Warcraft world and it made my geeky little heart skip a beat every single time.


Of course there is always the question of whether or not the movie stays true to the game’s plot and storyline. And I would have to say that it does in some aspects but not 100%. Some changes had to be made for the plot to fit and work on a cinematic standpoint. Which changes? Well, you’d have to watch the movie yourself to find out. HAHA.


What I liked about the movie is how it laid out a solid, groundwork for (crossing my fingers here) the future Warcraft movies. They didn’t oversimplify the plot but they didn’t make it too complicated either so there’s no alienating those just dipping their toes into the series.


The conflict was easy to understand and clearly there were sides that had to be chosen. (I chose mine long before the movie came out so I’m biased, LOL. FOR THE HORDE! OKAY SORRY I JUST HAD TO PUT THIS IN HERE, HAHAHA!) But the enchanting part is that we’re given two sides of the same coin. So you’re free to mull over whichever side you’re leaning towards.

The orcs, though portrayed as war-craved, bloodthirsty brutes, (and my bias really shines through here, LOL) still hold a sense of tradition and honor through the Frostwolf clan chieftain, Durotan. And that’s what I loved the most about the movie. Because it paved the golden path for that one special orc who is set to change the destiny of the orcs in Azeroth. … Guys, we all know who I’m talking about here, right? :))


Warcraft: The Beginning is an entertaining piece. It was created for fans by fans. It’s something worth watching. And if you end up not liking it, that’s okay. We all have different opinions. But for me, seeing all these characters and the world just breathed into life in a beautiful CG film is simply awe-inspiring. I literally couldn’t contain my “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s in the movie house, LOL.

Like the flaming pyres that light the moon-bathed streets of Orgrimmar, my love for Warcraft, its world, characters, and lore has been brilliantly rekindled, quite enough to make me miss the days I would stay up all night just to farm or simply chat with guildmates from across the oceans. But did it make me miss the game enough to go back? Who knows. That’s a question for another day. 🙂

P.S. Warcraft: The Beginning was aptly named because it does, as it name says, tell us about the beginning. Of what? Well, the conflict between humans and orcs in the world of Azeroth. As for the other factions, we’ll find out later, of course. So don’t get all your panties in a twist if the Undead aren’t there yet. LOL.

P.P.S. Now. Don’t you wish we’d get a few more Warcraft movies then? I know I do. I’d love to see Sylvanas Windrunner in action, wouldn’t you? 🙂

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