OMGluie’s Holy Week Trip to Balesin

Okay, guys, the main reason I wasn’t updating late last week was because I was out of town! One of my closest friends from High School got hitched and she held her intimate yet gorgeous wedding in the private island of Balesin! (WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY)


I’ve known Chloe since I was in Grade School, so, technically, we kinda grew up together. She, along with my other kabarkada, Bea & Lai, formed a group when we were in high school and we’ve been “together” ever since. By together, I mean we’ve been close ever since.

Chloe moved to Canada when we were in college, Lai moved to Japan last year, and Bea is moving to Singapore next month because she, too, is getting married, LOL! But through the time and distance, I can say that they’re the solid bunch of girl friends I have that I would move Heaven and Earth for. They my homies, ya know!

Anyhoo, here are some of the photos I took during our 3-day stay at the b-e-a-utiful island!


We stayed at the Balesin Royal Villa (or was it the Royal Balesin Villa) which was privately reserved for the wedding party during the stay. It was amazing but I didn’t take photos of the facade and other things because – too busy and too lazy, sorry!





Our first day there, we were given a tour of the island. I was actually able to drive an 8-seater golf cart! Pretty proud of myself because I was the only woman driving, wahaha! The way that Balesin goes is that there are different places that you can stay in the island. And each place has a theme. So we got to see each of these places!

Our first stop was Costa del Sol which was inspired by the seaside towns of Spain. 🙂 We had paella for lunch here during our second day.








Next was St. Tropez, named after the small town that can be found at the south of France. We had our brunch here because we didn’t have breakfast! Our flight was at 7AM, lol. I heard the thing to order here were their crepes, which, sadly, I didn’t get to try.








Then we headed over to Toscana. This time it had the atmosphere of a luxurious Italian country villa. Toscana is one of my favorite places. 🙂 I didn’t take photos as much because I was full from brunch. I kinda just wanted to nap. Haha!




Then, we went over to Mykonos, which is, you guessed it, inspired by the Grecian town of Santorini. The white walls and blue highlights are really a sight to be seen. And the indoor bubbly pool was something we enjoyed during our second day, haha!





We kinda got split up from the group after this and adventured out on our own. (Actually, we just got lost). We went to the Bali-themed village after. There’s a gorgeous bar/resto a bit beyond the shore, perfect for drinking cocktails while watching the sun set.

IMG_8936 IMG_8941


By this time I was already feeling the exhaustion from the heat and the early flight out, LOL. One of our last few stops were the Balesin spa, which reminded me a lot of a post-modern minimalist garden. :))



And then the Balesin village – it was Filipino-themed and had nipa-hut styled villas. Have a photo of the koi pond, it’s all I have, LOL.


Also, have some personal photos, LOL.




So that was my Holy Week. I was there from Tuesday to Thursday and the rest of the week was spent at home, basking in the isolation of my room, or visiting my cat in Manila. 🙂

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