OMGluie’s Thoughts on Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (Part 1)

I broke into the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV fandom recently. I’m super sad that the series is only slated to have six episodes (we have 4/6 already, boohoo). BUUUUTTT here’s what I think about the series so far. So, welcome to Part 1 of OMGluie’s Thoughts on Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV!

Brotherhood, is everything the title indicates it to be. A story about brotherhood. LOL. If the premise of Final Fantasy XV is any indication, we are already presented with the idea that the entire game is about the coming of age of Prince Noctis. With a few hair-raising, dangerous situations in between, give or take, HAHAHAHA. XD


I think that Square Enix is doing a good job of giving us all what we need to know about the situation surrounding the game before we get to dive into it. I mean, FFXV: Kingsglaive just came out recently (I HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET GUYS OKAY SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE!) and the fourth episode of Brotherhood was also just released.

Anyway, Brotherhood gives us simple, yet deep snippets of the relationships between Prince Noctis and his merry band of men/boys/bishounen/ikemen. LOL.


You have Prompto, the once insecure loner who was unconsciously inspired by Lunafreya to pursue a friendship with Noctis. He is the only one in the group that’s of civilian birth. Calls himself a “plebe” or commoner. HAHA.


You have Gladiolus, the strong castle guard and Prince Noctis’ combat trainer. He is tough and confident but with cute little sister issues. This leads to an uncanny long-standing comradeship with Noctis.


And finally, you have megane-chan Ignis. The stoic, serious caretaker of the prince who believes that he should do better. He has his doubts about Noctis, but becomes a little surprised by what he sees in the end.


What’s wonderful about the series so far is how it presents each of the character’s pre-conceived notions of the prince. They each have their own view and in the end, get to know a different side of him.

I personally think it’s part and parcel of how Square Enix is building up Prince Noctis’ character. And how they want their audience to see him. For everything that he is. That he’s not that perfect prince everyone is expecting him to turn out to be, that he’s simply born into a certain kind of life and thrust into a complex and dangerous situation which he had no choice but to be part of. That he is human, too, just like you and me.


Brotherhood teaches us that we shouldn’t judge other people based on what little we know of them (or what we think we know of them). But if we do get to know them on a deeper level, we might be surprised by what we learn. 🙂

On the technical side of things, the animation is simple and not too fancy. It’s clean and well-cut. Don’t expect too much length as each episode only goes for 14-16 minutes max. The soundtrack is cool, too!


Brotherhood is a nice little preview of things to come. And I don’t just mean the drastic change in hairstyles for each of the characters, haha! I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in Final Fantasy XV, whether or not you get to play the game.

I can’t wait for the final two episodes!! 🙂 You can watch the full episodes HERE!

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