PIXEL by Eplayment – Everything You Need to Know

I recently sat down with some of the minds behind PIXEL by Eplayment to talk about the platform’s features, its advantages for content creators in the Philippines, and what the future looks like for content creation in the country.

It was a good talk, and I learned a lot about both PIXEL, the platform, and Eplayment, the company, so let’s dive into it! 🙂

What is PIXEL by Eplayment?

PIXEL by Eplayment logo

In a nutshell, PIXEl by Eplayment is a browser-based platform that content creators can use to conveniently facilitate donations from fans while monetizing exclusive content, all in one easy-to-use hub.

It feels like a mix between Patreon (where creators can lock exclusive content behind a paywall) and StreamLabs/StreamElements (where creators can create donation goals and links, generate QR codes, and customize stream alerts).

What’s more, PIXEL also holds the creator’s donation funds, or what they call “PIX,” and allows them to withdraw them with a button click.

Post Blogs, Images, and Questions of the Day

PIXEL by Eplayment features

PIXEL users can post in several content categories on the platform, including blogs, images, and even questions from their fans.

It’s the creators’ prerogative to upload whatever content they deem appropriate, whether mundane daily life musings, juicy updates about their relationships, or photos from personal life events.

It’s also up to them if they want their fans to pay for certain content pieces or offer them up for free for their viewers to enjoy.

But PIXEL isn’t to be confused with other platforms that have NSFW content. Eplayment’s team is adamant about keeping the community wholesome and PG-13 and is determined to scrub content that doesn’t align with the platform’s values.

Made for the Content Creator

PIXEL by Eplayment payment process

PIXEL by Eplayment was created to alleviate some of the financial burdens that Philippine content creators face every day. With many around the country still unbanked, not holding accounts besides digital wallets, the platform allows its users to withdraw donations quickly and hassle-free.

Unlike others that have a minimum amount needed to withdraw from their funds, PIXEL users can take out as much or as little PIX as they want. It doesn’t matter if the amount is Php 10,000 or Php 1.00, it’s up to the users to decide how much they want to withdraw. 🙂

All of this is done through Eplayment’s e-banking technology, which is partnered with digital bank NetBank. Though the bank’s KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and mandated BSP policies provide enough security, proper research and vigilance are still recommended when entering personal details into any platform.

Building the PIXEL Community

Aside from offering an easier way for content creators to cash out their donations or monetize their content, PIXEL aims to support its content creators and build its users’ communities alongside its own.

The platform has been hosting pocket events and workshops to help content creators hone their craft while also inviting fans to meet their idols through community gatherings and events.

In one particular event, the PIXEL Loot Fair, the use of PIX and the Eplayment app was highly encouraged, allowing attendees to make transactions really easy and hassle-free.

What’s Next for PIXEL by Eplayment?

PIXEL by Eplayment is relatively new to the scene but boasts over 2,700 content creators onboarded and over Php 345,000 monthly average donations! However, the team is eager to develop more features and community-building initiatives.

This includes ensuring that all uploaded content is original and not made through AI or plagiarized and providing deeper insights to aid in content creation. Beefing up cybersecurity and ensuring customer privacy are also top concerns, especially in a country that is rampant in phishing and scam issues.

With so many content creators in the country already and the pool likely to grow in the next few years, PIXEL and Eplayment seem determined to aid the industry and boost its economy.

“Competition is at an all-time high when it comes to content creation, and we want to uplift and give creators room for growth,” says Karlos Naidas, CEO of Eplayment. “PIXEL was created to primarily eliminate the creators’ pain point of having to manage their presence on multiple platforms, as their presence is what generates their earnings. Our key intent is to make monetization frictionless for content creators and, at the same time, also become a content aggregation and management platform to make the transition into content creation that much easier. As we look forward to fully adapting our technology with the creator economy, we also want to promote it as a safe space where creators and fans could gather and foster the sense of community we always advocate for.”

As a content creator who has been part of different platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming, it’s interesting to see fellow Filipinos developing our own platform. I’m curious to see how it turns out, and I wish PIXEL and Eplayment the best of luck in the future! 🙂

To know more, you can visit the Eplayment or PIXEL websites!

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