Pixelworks Visual Display Technology Brings Smooth 120fps Mobile Gaming Experience to “Crystal of Atlan”

Optimizes the Visual Quality of Mobile Games, from Production to Display; Presents the Authentic ‘Atlan World’ Where Magic and Machinery Play Together on Smartphones

SHANGHAI, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of visual processing solutions, today announced the latest release of Crystal of Atlan (CoA) by the well-known game studio Nuverse has integrated Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK to significantly enhance the visual quality for mobile gaming. Coupled with a Pixelworks X7 visual processor, the Rendering Accelerator works as a bridge, delivering an exceptional 120fps visual experience on mobile devices with low power consumption.

Crystal of Atlan is an aetherpunk-themed action RPG where players, as members of the adventurer’s association, explore the world of Atlan to find crystals, the source of energy in the world. As a floating world where magic and machinery play together, Atlan is crisscrossed by orderly sky cities and dilapidated underground blocks, producing a strong contrast in visual impression. A sense of opposition and conflict is also fully demonstrated in the gameplay design, attracting players to continue to explore the truth behind the Crystal of Atlan.

Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Crystal of Atlan delivers outstanding graphics. The game features authentic and detailed depiction of game scenes, such as prosperous and magical metropolitan areas, refreshing and natural rural scenes, and crumbling ancient ruins floating in the air. Additionally, this action RPG also demonstrates remarkable rendering effects, especially when the game characters release their skills to fight. In order to fully convey the artistic intent of the game creator and increase the immersion of players, the Pixelworks and CoA development teams worked together to ensure that the prerequisites of immersive gaming experience, including high frame rate and smart power management, could be achieved on mobile devices.

Leveraging the combined resources from content to production, Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK integrated in the game engine generates motion vectors from the game graphics, which are then passed into the Pixelworks visual processor together with the original frames rendered by the GPU for processing. The combination of Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator and visual processor make it possible for android smartphones to offload rendering pressure from the GPU and display stable 120fps game visuals on the device’s screen.

Crystal of Atlan is a well-crafted action game. It not only features uninterrupted gameplay experience and goal-oriented level design concept where dungeons are divided into mini instances, but also has the unique feelings of immersion and exploration of open-world games,” said Shuangxing Gao, Technical Director of CoA project, VI-GAMES, Nuverse. “Our team overcame a bunch of challenges during the game development phases, be them in or between content creation, graphic rendering and display on end devices. We are pleased to have had Pixelworks join us with its advanced solution to optimize the display quality of mobile gaming. We believe that our cooperation will offer CoA players a more stable, sustainable, and smoother 120fps gaming experience on android devices, which allows them to fully enjoy the mysterious world of Atlan.”

“The next-generation gaming experience is defined by multiple factors, such as game style, graphic quality, light and shadow effects, gameplay design, and performance optimization. Crystal of Atlan has been finely tuned in all these dimensions, which together make the game stand out among its competitors,” said Ting Xiong, President of Pixelworks China. “We are honored that Pixelworks technology has contributed to the visual display enhancement of Crystal of Atlan on mobile devices. By leveraging the frame rate and balancing of power consumption benefits, users can enjoy ultra-smooth action animations and brilliant picture quality with increased immersion and longer game play. We hope that more games can be displayed on smartphones with original artistic intent from game creators, and more users can enjoy AAA gaming experiences on their mobile devices.”

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