PlayPark Caps Off 2020 With New Games!

Christmas is just around the corner and PlayPark is already in the festive mood! Rounding out and capping off 2020, PlayPark is adding two new titles under its belt – MU Legend and Flyff Star!

MU Legend – Closed Beta Test

MU Legend - Closed Beta Test

To start off, PlayPark has launched the Closed Beta test for MU Legend on September 16, 2020. Fans can experience MU like never before as it provides hack and slash gameplay mixed with MMO elements that we all know and love.

Players get to pick from 5 classes – similar for those who have played MU before but offers deeper, more detailed skill customization. MU Legend can also be enjoyed solo or multiplayer as most loot is instanced, so there’s no need to worry about losing gear you’ve earned. And those who like testing their mettle against others, PVP is also offered with up to four players per party.

If you get a character to level 20 and have more than 10 hours of playing time, you can win rewards for your account during the Open Beta period, so be sure to check our their official Facebook Page or download the client here

PlayPark Flyff Star – Play Anywhere On Mobile

For those who have experienced the first flying MMORPG, now you can take Flyff anywhere with Flyff Star!

Explore the world of Madrigal, take on over 300 story quests as a Mercenery, Acrobat, or Magician. Grow strong enough to upgrade to 2nd Job Classes as Knight, Blade, Jesters, Rangers, Psykeeper, or Elementor.

Flyff Star also offers challenging battles with World Boss fights, Colosseum matches, and Tomb of Akou raids. Of course, PVP isn’t forgotten with one-on-one Duels or free-for-all fights in the Arena. All this and more to come when the SEA and Oceania servers for Flyff Star open on November 2020.

You can also check out PlayPark’s official website and Facebook page, if you want to know more!

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