Prep & Prime: Useful Sites for Monster Hunter Generations

The launch of Monster Hunter Generations happened just a little over six days ago! AND I’m currently working on a post that documents my first week with the game but I’m really here to share with you a list of some of the useful sites I usually go to or have found to help you along your way, Hunter. 🙂


Kiranico 2

Hands down, the no. 1 place to get your Monster Hunter info is This is where I first got a taste of how expansive the MonHun universe is back when I started playing MH:4U. So this site will definitely be your best friend!

Weapons, Armor, Quests, up to the percentage of item drops (so you know how HARD you have to GRIND that Gore Magala or Astalos), everything is there! EAT.YOUR.HEART.OUT. I reco the entire site, so I won’t give you any specific links, haha! BOOKMARK IT.

2. Gaijin Hunter

Gaijin Hunter 1

No list would be complete without a link to Gaijin Hunter. He’s like the pariah of Monster Hunter for the West (and SEA, too!) because he gets first dibs on the game (both Japanese and English!).

His passion, experience, and knowledge of Monster Hunter makes him a really reliable source (it doesn’t help that he’s been contacted by Capcom for official game purposes several times, LOL). For those starting out, you can view some of his videos, like how to get the BuJaBuJaBu (a play on Bulldrome and Jaggi, LOL) armor in MHGen!

3. Siliconera’s Prowler Guide

Siliconera 1

Monster Hunter Generations introduced a new system that kind of changes the way the MH universe exists – the Prowler Mode. This time you take control of your favorite Palicoes and accomplish quests just as you would as a Hunter. If you’re a bit on a limb and kinda have no idea what Palicoes and Palico skills to go for, we found a nifty little guide from Siliconera to help you get your ultimate Palico team.

BONUS: One of my good friends, Vincent, from, also wrote a couple of guides to help you level up your rankings for Village Quests and Hunter’s Hub Quests. Check them out!

BONUS 2: You can also check out for a more in-depth guide for those who seem to be a little overwhelmed with all the new things in MHGen. Here’s the LINK.

Bonus 3: If you’re playing on-the-go, there’s also an Android app called the MHGen DB, you can download the app on Google Play! (Buu, it’s not out on iOS yet.)

These are some of the sites and places I normally visit when I’m playing Monster Hunter Generations. What about you? Where do you guys get your info from? I’d love to share them with you! Haha, Happy Hunting, guys! 🙂

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