Pretty Guardians Official Site Is Up

In my previous post, I mentioned that March 15 was the date of the launch of the official Sailor Moon fan’s club in Japan called, Pretty Guardians. That was two days ago! So, you can now register via their official website!

An official (wow, I’ve used the word official so many time here) commemorative inauguration to celebrate 20 years of Sailor Moon and the opening of the fan’s club will be held on April 10, 2016 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Members who signed up and paid the ¥8,500 fee will receive the member’s card and the exclusive Transformation Brooch lip gloss then and there. 🙂

But for those who aren’t in Japan, you can actually still sign-up for regular membership for ¥5,500 starting April 10, 2016.


Damn, everything on the site is so pretty! UGH. My Sailor Moon feels!

If you’re interested, can understand Japanese, and are from or currently living in Japan, you can sign-up HERE. 🙂

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