Filipino-Made FPS Project Xandata Is Entering Steam Early Access

Though I’m not much of a first-person shooter player, Pinoy-made title Project Xandata has announced that it is looking to release on Steam Early Access this March 2022!

The game deviates from the standard 5v5, with only 3 players per team duking it out on the battlefield. If this is something interesting for you, you may wanna check it out! 🙂

What Is Project Xandata?

Project Xandata Release Date

Project Xandata is a fast-paced, pick-up-and-play 3v3 first-person shooter developed by Secret 6, a game development studio that is based in the Philippines, San Francisco, and Madrid. What once was a passion project by Secret6’s Technical Director, Gene Gacho, Project Xandata has now evolved into a full-fledged title that showcases the skill of Filipino game devs.

“Together with a veteran lineup of talented developers, we’ve been working hard on Project Xandata for over 5 years now. It’s seen a lot of iterations. But now we are ready to showcase our own brand of competitive fps and further prove that the Philippines is capable of producing high-quality video games,” Gacho said.

Gameplay Details And Features

Project Xandata Review

In the game, players enter Xandaigdig, a sci-fi world inspired by Filipino culture, as Xandats. These are the armored combatants that use MagiTech, a mix of magic and technology to harness and control the power of the elements. 

There are three classes of Xandats – the agent, juggernaut, and marksman. Each of these classes have unique innate abilities that will aid them through battle, though they have access to the same weapons and armor.

You can actually check out the game in action in the Project Xandata Early Access gameplay trailer above. There you’ll be able to see its high-impact 3v3 format, game modes, maps, and classes! 🙂

Project Xandata – Release Date & Launch

Project Xandata Player Count

Project Xandata will be launching on Steam on March 22, 2022! But you can already wishlist the game on Steam, so you’ll get notified as soon as you can get the game!

What’s more, an exciting launch event will be happening on the Project Xandata FB page where giveaways from brands like Lenovo Legion, El Gato, and Logitech!

All in all, this seems like a very exciting time for Project Xandata! As someone who believes in supporting local, I hope fellow Filipinos will support this game when it launches. XD

To know more about Project Xandata and the team behind the project, make sure to visit the game’s official website! 🙂

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