Ragnarok X: Next Generation Ties Up With Attack On Titan For 1st Year Anniversary

It’s been a year since Ragnarok X: Next Generation launched! To celebrate its first year anniversary, the game is teaming up with Attack On Titan to celebrate the occasion!

As part of the festivities during the anniversary event, a lot of exclusive prizes, accessories, and an event-dedicated game mode will be offered! 🙂

Ragnarok X: Next Generation x Attack On Titan Collaboration

Ragnarok X Next Generation Attack On Titan guide

To unlock the limited-time War of Freedom game mode for the Attack on Titan collaboration, players have to reach a base level of 20 or more. When initiated, players will be put two groups as either Survey Crops or Titans. Titans will get the roles of Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, and Beast Titan, while Survey Corps will be five humans. Both sides must fight and the team who wins will get prizes.

The event will also introduce special collaboration accessories. Costumes themed after Captain Levi, as well as the uniforms of the Training Crops, Survey Crops, and the iconic Maneuver Gear will be available. Cart Titan and Colossal Titan pets will also be available for players to ride into battle. And finally, a special Sacrifice Heart emote will also be part of the special collaboration items.

Those interested in the anniversary collab event can pre-register at the official micro-site. 🙂

Two New ROX Classes

Ragnarok X Next Generation best class

Aside from the special Attack on Titan anniversary collab event, Ragnarok X: Next Generation will have two new 2nd Classes – the Monk and Crusader. The base class for the Monk is the Acolyte, while the Swordsman class is needed to apply for the Crusader promotion.

Players who register via the official site can apply for these second classes, with sign-up milestones offering amazing rewards for all Ragnarok X: Next Generation players. 🙂

Happy Anniversary Ragnarok X: Next Generation! To many more years, and to an incredibly active player base for years to come!

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