Rapoo Gaming Labs Launches Gaming Peripherals Line

This month, September 2018, Rapoo Philippines is bringing in a new line-up of peripherals – specifically for gaming! Hooray!

The new release consists of two high-powered mice, a decked-out headset, and two ultra-durable keyboards.

The gaming mice V16 (P695) and V280 (P1,320) are beautiful to look at, sleek and streamlined, as well as being fully ergonomic for ambidextrous use.

This particular feature is important because it prevents unnecessary strain on the wrists and hands during hours of gameplay. Both boast of the Accurate Navigation Professional gaming optical engine, allowing for increased accuracy for navigating tricky turns and stops, but the V280 elevates the experience that much further with an adjustable real-time DPI button and an onboard memory that allows the user to save their settings so that they can play with the same ones on any computer, so long sa they use their V280.

The keyboards, V500Pro (P2,495)

and V700RGB ALLOY(P3,395)

are both especially durable and feature individually lit keys. To make typing at high speed easier, each keyboard has a non-conflicting design for all keys. This allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously, ensuring your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.

Last but not the least, we have the headset, the VH200(P1,495).

Featuring a comfortable design with a 16-million-colors breathing light, this professional headset will guarantee crystal-clear sound and a completely immersive experience. Made of strong, durable, but lightweight material, it’s comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Rapoo Philippines was actually kind enough to let me take home the Rapoo V280 mouse and the VH200 Headset!

So, watch out for the unboxings + mini reviews!

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