ROG Phone 5s Celebrates Launch With PUBG: New State Elite Showmatches

Another year has passed, and another ROG Phone is being launched in the Philippines. Hahahuhu. #criesinROG To celebrate the ROG Phone 5s series, Republic of Gamers has partnered with PUBG Studios to host a global series of exciting PUBG: New State Elite showmatches!

ROG Phone 5s – Specs & Features

ROG Phone 5s

The ROG Phone 5s series will have two variants – the ROG Phone 5s and ROG Phone 5s Pro. The price and availability of these two variants will be announced on December 8, 2021.

Some of the ROG Phone 5s series specs that were disclosed are:

  • CPU: Integrated Snapdragon™ Elite Gaming™
  • GPU: Qualcomm® Snapdragon 888+ Mobile Platform
  • Memory: Up to 18 GB RAM
  • Display: 144hz AMOLED Display
  • Battery: 6000mah

The mobile devices will also have the signature X Mode, AirTrigger and Motion Controls, as well as the GameFX audio system for that fast and sleek mobile gaming experience. XD

PUBG: NEW STATE Elite Showmatch Partnership

ROG Phone 5s Pro price

As a way to celebrate the launch, ROG started hosting the ROG Phone 5s x PUBG: NEW STATE Elite Showmatch last November. With a prize pool of over US$50,000, the event will have 100-player online tournaments across the EMEA and APAC regions. Over 20 top influencers will also participate, giving players a chance to come face-to-face with their favorite gaming streamers and idols.

The Philippines will be represented by DoNnn and Tricia Potato, and of course, they will be playing with the new ROG Phone 5s! So that’s definitely something to watch out for, especially if you’re curious about how the device will perform through a highly-populated game like PUBG.

To know more about the ROG Phone 5s series, be sure to check out the official site and FB Page. If you’re feeling competitive, you can also sign up for the ROG Phone 5s x PUBG: NEW STATE Elite showmatch on the official registration site.

I can’t wait for December 8, actually! I’ve been wondering if I should get a gaming-dedicated phone since I play more mobile games nowadays, haha! But yeah, let’s see if the price and specs are worth it! 🙂

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