Sailor Moon Crystal Death Busters Arc Trailer, OP & ED Themes

Today I bring to you guys a sweet compilation of the currently released footage, trailers, and opening & ending themes of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3, the Deathbusters Arc.

I know I’m a little late on the news but I wasn’t in front of my PC the entire Holy Week, plus I took a short break from blogging, haha! Anyway, let’s take a look at the new footage!

Opening Theme:

This is “In Love With the New Moon” which was sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru. You can already see the many changes in character design and animation from this point on. I’m a little disappointed because I loved the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal specifically because of the art (although the animation did need work in some parts, they kinda got lazy) but I guess this was made so that it was reminiscent of the 90’s anime without losing the new-ness.

Everything is so bright and shiny! Usagi still looks gorgeous but it’s like she lost her doe-eyed innocence somewhat. Also, Chibi Usa looks like a stubby five-year old. :)) The song is okay, I still prefer Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z simply because it had more power to it? This song is a little more light and dainty.

Ending Theme:

This is the ending song for Season 3, Eternal Eternity (LOL repetitive much) as sung by the seiyuus of Sailor Uranus and Sailor, Junko Minagawa and Sayaka Ohara.

Now this I really like. Maybe because it’s upbeat? Although I know that Sailor Uranus was initially considered a male in the series (due to misconception by Usagi, LOL) but we do find out later that she is, indeed, female. HAHA. Her voice is really, REALLY deep, man! Although I thought it sounded like the voice of a boy who’s slowly transitioning from high school to university. LOL.

And finally, here is the actual Trailer:

This arc is looking to be quite as accurate as the first two seasons which I’m really liking! Also, what is up with Mamoru’s hair?! It’s like there’s a dent on the back of his head!

Anyway, what I’m looking forward to the most is the appearance of the Outer Senshi plus the evolution of the Inner Senshi’s powers. Exciting!

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