Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Trailer & Airing Dates Released

The official Sailor Moon website has just announced the airing dates of the 3rd Arc or Phase 3: Death Buster Hen of Sailor Moon Crystal!

The truth is, I’m a little concerned about the changes the new arc will have gone through before its airing. News broke out in January which announced that there will be a new director and character designer with the start of the 3rd season.

I’m actually quite fond of the first 2 seasons because of how accurate it was to the manga (which is all I could ever hope for in an anime, really).

But then I know that a lot of people have been complaining about the impossible figures that characters had and how “unsuitable” the 3D parts of the henshin sequences were. I’ve no complaints, really, because I loved the idea of having a Sailor Moon anime in this day and age. I’m a little concerned with how the new art seems to be a little sharper than what I would have liked Sailor Moon to be. Kinda reminds me of a sharper version of Code Geass. But we’ll see. :))

Well, anyway, here’s the TV trailer:

The Phase 3: Death Busters Hen of Sailor Moon Crystal will start airing on April 4, 2016 in Japan. We finally get a chance to see the famous pairing of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Crossing my fingers they’ll stay true to the manga storyline and that the new art will be okay. LOL.

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