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I don’t remember when my family and I first started going to Shakey’s. I think it’s always been in our peripherals because we knew that it was a nice place to go to for good food and fun, family bonding time. 🙂 So it’s pretty cool that Shakey’s is launching a new campaign called, “Let’s,” that pays homage to their age-old adage of “Let’s all go to Shakey’s.”

What’s great about Shakey’s is that everything there is familiar. The food, the menu, even the colors that surround you in the resto. Just last year, my best friend’s daughter, my inaanak, celebrated her first birthday at Shakey’s Katipunan, so yes, it’s definitely a good place to have family reunions, events, and parties.

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Plus, of course, the food is always good! My family’s favorite would be the pizza and the Mojo’s! We always have Shakey’s for delivery on Sundays that we stay home. My mom has a card too, haha!Manager's Choice PizzaThis why we keep coming back for more. We always yearn for something that we know won’t let us down, something that we crave once in a while, something that we know we can always rely on.

That’s the basis of the Shakey’s Let’s campaign, so that we remember that they have been there, will be there, no matter what, through the hard times, through the tough times, through all life stages, with your parents, friends, lovers, and family members.

So when you’re looking to catch a break in the middle of the day. Let’s all go to Shakey’s. Figuring out where to go this weekend? Let’s all go to Shakey’s. Choosing a restaurant to hang out with your family? Let’s all go to Shakey’s. Instead of staying home tonight, Let’s.

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