Sequoia Games Selects Algorand to Power Flex NBA, Reimagining Gaming for Next Generation Sports Fans

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Introduced via Kickstarter in May 2021, Sequoia Games has released Flex NBA, an NBA-licensed, turn-based board game fusing pro sports, innovative technology, and a modern take on sports memorabilia and fan engagement.

Described by TechCrunch as “Catan meets NFTs meets augmented reality,” each Flex NBA set includes a game board and a set of Flexagons–limited-edition physical tiles representing NBA players, illustrated by top sports artists like Andrew Pietersz and Mickey Ardell. 10 Flexagons are included in each Flex NBA Starter Kit, and customers can continue to build their roster by purchasing additional Flexagons in blind boxes. Each Flexagon is a physical asset, represented in the digital realm as an individually-owned, unrepeatable and non-duplicatable code registered on users’ Rosters in Flex NBA’s bespoke mobile companion app. As customers trade or sell their physical Flexagons in their efforts to acquire their favorite players and add new dynamics to their gameplay strategies, digital ownership will follow the new owner via a digital chain of custody that is trackable in the mobile companion app. The Flexagon conveys a player’s capabilities, like signature moves to be used in gameplay, and when viewed through the lens of the Flex mobile companion app, brings the player to life in augmented reality. With the mobile companion app, players can interact with each other, team up, and even reveal secret Flex skills and capabilities–all coalescing to create truly unique gameplay moments. The Flex app is built atop Algorand’s open-source and forkless protocol, enabling users to record experiences from their games as unique and immutable moments in a digital ledger.

Sequoia Games’ mission is to fuse the nostalgia of board games and sports memorabilia with today’s tech-savvy fans and modern culture. As the first game product launched, Flex NBA celebrates NBA players as the icons they are, allowing fans to engage with their favorite players in more immersive, multi-dimensional formats, and capitalizing on the still-nascent fervor around simultaneous ownership in both the physical and digital worlds.

Sequoia Games is an officially licensed sports gaming company, creating games that seamlessly connect physical and digital experiences. Founder Daniel Choi is a world-ranked CCG gamer and award-winning Fortune 100 regional leader. His advisory team includes Eric Chan, CFO of the Los Angeles Clippers, former NBA veteran and Vice Chairman of the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA Legends) Jerome Williams, and pro basketball trainer Packie Turner.

“Gaming and collectibles have been around for decades.  The genre has proven to be extremely lucrative, but I see an opportunity,” said Choi. “There is a missing bridge between the old school and the technology that exists today‚Ķ a bridge that also connects our need to own something physical in a world that is moving too far into the digital.  I like to say: you can’t drive a digital car to work.  We still live in a 3D, real world.  At Sequoia Games, we are building those bridges, allowing technology to enhance our lives, increase the valuation of our collectibles, and add more fun.  In today’s gaming landscape, we either have 1960’s board games, or mobile apps and PS5’s.  There is no reason these worlds need to be separate.”

The First Mint editions of Flex NBA, which featured limited-release tile artwork and access to special upgrades and badges, have been distributed to Kickstarter supporters, pre-order customers, and fine retailers across the U.S. New orders are being accepted at